Elie Saab Le Parfum EDT

Elie Saab Le Parfum

A fresh solar floral, born by an armful of exceptionally fresh white flowers. Top notes: mandarin blossom reveals a sparkling freshness. Middle notes: crisp gardenia imparts its crystalline luminosity, resonating with the warm, vibrant vetiver of the sensual base note. This fragrance is a sparkling floral mist.

Price: R795 (50ml)

Retailers: Selected retailers nationwide.

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11 Responses

  1. I don’t usually wander off to other facial product because of my problem skin, but boy was I pleasantly surprised by Sorbet Salon Skin Daily Skin Polish Powder!!! Love it and gentle enough for daily use.

  2. I love perfumes and am a collector. I really love Elie Saab designs. He KNOWS woman and what we want! Perfumes usually changes on my skin because of my high ph balance, but not Elie Saab, and just one spray last the whole day!!! Wins my vote hands down!

  3. This fragrance works magic on me. It lasts the entire day, lifts my spirits and makes me feel special and indulged. There is not a day that has gone by that I’ve used this and people haven’t remarked as to what I am wearing and how amazing it smells. It’s pricey and I save this for special days but there are days when I need to feel better about myself that I use this and I find that as it warms on my skin, it smells better and better as different notes come to the fore.

  4. This is by far one of my favorite perfumes. It smells sassy; sexy and lady-like at the same time. It is really an all round the year fragrance. Well Done Elie Saab!! :)

  5. I cant wait to get my hands on another bottle of this good stuff… I love the fragrance its soft and sweet on my skin &b it lingers on.

  6. I gave this a sniff the other day and couldn’t believe how beautiful the scent was. It makes me want to put on a slick outfit, wear my favourite lipstick and just be seen.
    I can’t quite describe the notes I picked up but it’s the kind of fragrance I would be confident to buy for a friend as a gift without knowing their preference.

  7. Recently, Ellie Saab are producing fragrances perfect for the modern working women. Their fragrances are light and fresh with feminine floral notes that communicate luxurious beauty and understated elegance and grace.

    Encased in gorgeous packaging you just want to display on your dressing table, Ellie Saab is the perfect gift for any woman.

    To celebrate your beauty and essence as a woman, pick an Ellie Saab Parfum today!

  8. I am enamoured with fragrances and have a cupboard shelf dedicated to my sample and full sized perfumes. I love each of them but ever since I smelled Elie Saab Le Parfum the first time, my mind was firmly made up that this is my ultimate favorite fragrance. I managed to scoop up the 50ml for serious bargain on Spring day at Dischem when they had a sale on their fragrances and since then my other fragrances have been taking the back seat. The reason is simply this… Elie Saab Le Parfum is sophisticated, daring, fresh and uplifting. It was inspired by the scents of the Mediterranean with the top note being Mandarin Blossom, middle notes of Orange blossom and Gardenia (lovely white floral smells) and base notes of Vetiver, Rose and Honey. (This explains my love for the similar Jour d’Hermes) It’s a beautiful day time Spring/Summer fragrance and you’ll find that the compliments will still be streaming in at the end of the day – long after you’ve forgotten that you’ve spritzed yourself in the morning. I’m already saving up for my next one.

  9. Elie Saab perfume has to be the most iconic scent of all time. I was lucky as my mom (an Elie Saab perfume lover) gifted me with this divine scent. It feels like the perfume was meant for me as it epitomises everything demure about a woman! I am always complimented whenever I wear this unique scent that lingers on you the next day. Wait till you try the body cream which deserves a write up as well! This perfume was certainly designed by the angels!

  10. I tried a sample card tester of the Elie Saab Parfum plus tested a small section on the inside of my wrist and was really impressed with its longevity. It developed beautifully as the day wore on without being over powering and although has lots of floral tones, is not cloying or overly sweet like many heavily floral scented perfumes tend to be. A gorgeous summer time perfume.

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