Elizabeth Arden Beautiful Color Luminous Lip Gloss

Elizabeth Arden Beautiful Color Luminous Lip Gloss

Beautiful Color Luminous Lip Gloss has with a silky smooth texture and imparts rich colour and lustrous shine. Infused with conditioning and hydrating ingredients, this non-sticky gloss soothes and comforts lips like a balm. Maxi-lip™ helps support natural collagen for plumper, fuller looking lips. A soft tip “paddle” applicator deposits the perfect amount of gloss, and a built-in mirror is perfect for on-the-go application.


Price: R195
Availability: Elizabeth Arden counters nationwide.

What we say:
I love a good quality lip gloss and have fallen in love with this range from Elizabeth Arden. The colours are rich and have a shimmer to them, so they really sparkle and catch the light (without being glittery).

The product seems to last on my lips for ages – even when I constantly sip on tea or water, it stays behind and doesn’t fade or run. In addition, I also find that my lips feel very plump and soft when I’ve been using this product – it must be due to the hydrating properties it contains.

Lastly, if you’re a sucker for packaging, then you’re in for a treat, as the gloss is housed in a stunning transparent tube with a golden lid. The back of the gloss even has a little mirror fixed to it so that you can apply it anywhere, anytime.

I’ve been using the “Coral Kiss” shade which is a lovely soft pink, but there is quite a wide variety of colours available and I’ve got my eye on the “Red Door Red” shade next.
– Anien, BSA Content Editor

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4 Responses

  1. The Elizabeth Arden Luminous Lip Gloss comes in a rectangular box with the signature Elizabeth Arden design on it. The packaging is quite sleek and it feels expensive and just elegant. The product itself is in a rectangular container and comes with a doe foot applicator which makes applying the product very easy. The range has quite a lot of colours available but my favourite is Rose Gold which is an almost nude pinkish colour that has just the tiniest bit of shimmer.

    I think this lip gloss is the best lip gloss I’ve ever used and is a staple for me. It knocks out MAC, GOSH and many other high end brands. What makes this product so amazing is the lip gloss formula. The consistency is thick but not overly thick to the point where applying lip gloss feels like you are applying gunk on your lips, no. The formula is thick and almost creamy and it really penetrates your lips as opposed to just sitting on your lips. It is also quite long wearing and one can go for a reasonably long period of time without reapplying.

    Because it is so deliciously thick and creamy, one can actually use this instead of a lipstick. Just pick the colour you are in the mood for and apply it. This is really an amazing product that I would recommend to ladies who are looking for an alternative to lipstick or even just a great lip gloss.

  2. It saturates your pout with lust-worthy shine and conditions like a balm. It’s silky texture glides on evenly and smoothly to deliver long-lasting, vibrant colour, simple but glamorous.

  3. The beautiful box has a silver rectangle which displays the embossed Red Door logo and the “Elizabeth Arden” name which you can actually feel when you run your finger over the logo and words. The box states the name of the product which is called Beautiful Colour – Luminous Lip Goss. Most lip glosses have the colour written on the main block, however this amazing gloss had a small window so you could actually see through the box and see the lip gloss in the tube. The top opening of the box has a protectant sticker which also indicates the colour of the gloss which is Red Door Red 02. While the outside of the box was a beautiful gold and silver, the inside of the box had a beautiful red look which I thought was very intense and vibrant.

    As soon as I opened the box, I saw the most beautiful lip gloss I’ve ever come across in my life. The square gloss tube was so classic and classy I really can’t explain how beautiful it all looks. The tube has a thick heavy plastic look which imitates a beautiful crafted glass look. The opposite side of the tube has a large enough mirror to view your lips perfectly without the mirror being too far away so you can have the perfect application everytime. The gloss has a thick metallic gold lid which shows reflection in a slight shimmering look, while the tip of the tube had a silver strip, which I felt was very classic. The lid also includes the Red Door logo on it.

    The lid of the gloss was a twist lid so as I begun untwisting the lid a strong scent of vanilla hit me, it was sweet and smelt so yummy, which made me even more eager to try out the gloss. As soon as the lid was completely off, the scent became stronger and more delicious and tempting. I gently pulled the applicator lid out of the tube to find that it needed a gentle tug at the end so you can remove the applicator tip properly out of the tube. I really appreciated the stopper on the tube because less of the product will get wasted and the stopper only allowed how much of the product you actually needed to be released.

    The applicator was a paddle applicator which allows you to apply more of the product in a quicker time, in one gentle sweep, the product is evenly spread on lips for a radiant colour. The applicator was shaped long but with a beautifully crafted curve at the tip so you can apply the gloss with no mess and no fuss. The gloss on the other hand is simply out of this world. It’s a thick and creamy gloss which turns into a smooth and rich colour when applied to lips. The gloss has a luxurious feel on lips and I’m in love with the feeling. The colour I have is Red Door Red which is a beautiful high pigmented red lip gloss which has a beautiful shimmering effect in the sunlight. Mainly because I’m a fan of red lips, I’m in love with this gloss. The look it gives my lips with just one coat is simply vibrant, attractive and eye catching. Plus the glossy look is shiny and makes lips appear more full and more defined.

    The gloss also had a moisturising effect which was noticeable because normally gloss dries out on my lips leaving them dry and colour less, while this gloss lasted much longer (even with all the attempts to taste the gloss). The gloss does contain mango butter to protect and soothe lips while the shea butter locks in moisture. As much as this is only a lip gloss, I guess keeping the gloss on your lips for quite some time allows the pigments from the gloss to soak into your lips slightly, which gave my lips a washed out red look for hours. So if Marilyn Monroe’s hot red lips with a vibrant shine is what you’re going for, then I would really recommend you give this gloss a try.

    Classic lip gloss packaging
    Mirror on tube for on the go application
    The gloss smells super super yummy!
    Perfect stopper in gloss tube allowing the exact amount of gloss
    Easy applicator with curve for non fussy and non messy application
    Rich and creamy gloss
    The gloss doesn’t actually feel like gloss on lips
    The gloss isn’t too thick and sticky
    Has a vibrant colour
    Makes lips look more fuller and more defined thanks to Maxi-Lip
    Does more than add colour to lips, the gloss soothes and conditions
    Gloss is sleek and super sexy for a night out
    High pigments in gloss for a longer lasting colour
    Gloss has moisturising properties
    The gloss is available in 10 shades
    The gloss is clinically and dermatologist tested

    The gloss is a bit expensive
    The gloss does transfer
    You may not like the vanilla scent

    So I would really recommend you give this product a try, it is an expensive buy I know, however it’s completely worth it because you’re not just paying for a simple gloss, you’re paying for a multi talented lip gloss with splashes deep colour onto lips while protecting and soothing lips thanks to Mango Butter and also locking in the moisture into lips thanks to Shea Butter. The multi talented gloss also gives you a sexy fuller look thanks to Maxi-Lip. While this gloss may be thick, it is non sticky and simply light with a delicious scent which will get you addicted to applying the gloss. The gloss also has a vibrant colour. Although this is a gloss, it feels absolutely lightweight on lips and feels like you just applied lip balm and besides nothing says I’m wearing Red Door lip gloss like a sexy red coloured gloss.

  4. I always thought (and I still do) that EA caters for those who have a bit more to spend on Makeup. Their design has never changed to even the slightest bit of funk or “cuteness”. In fact, none of the items look cute and attractive BUT I know that the brand has survived because the products deliver as promised. So I will test this one when I have a chance.

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