Dermalogica Exfoliating Body Scrub


A creamy, lightly-foaming body scrub that dramatically smoothes, polishes and energizes skin. Refreshing essential oils revitalize the body and awaken the senses. Contains no artificial fragrance or color.

What we say:
‘If I could have the entire range Dermalogica products I would. I already use the skincare range on my face, so when I had to test the exfoliating body scrub I was ooba excited.

‘The creamy, lightly-foaming scrub that’s filled with granules that help exfoliate and polish the skin, really does the trick. I have a very sensitive skin and this product was perfect; gentle, even though it’s a scrub.

‘With a list of ingredients that includes fig, date seed, olives and essential oils, my body felt invigorated. Dermalogica’s Body Scrub contains no artificial fragrance or colour and is great to use before applying a tanning product. Definitely my new best shower friend’
– Zoe

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9 Responses

  1. I think this is quite pricey for a body scrub. You can get good scrubs for much cheaper, or even sugar and lemon juice, my fave. I think its important to choose a good exfoliant for your face, to make sure it doesnt scratch and damage your skin, but for your body cheaper ones will do

  2. Lovely range and a body exfoliator is very good for you to use but this is a bit too expensive

  3. This is a really good exfoliator, It’s a luxuriously creamy scrub with an immense amount of exfoliating beads which are tiny so you really feel like your skin is being scrubbed and cleaned, and the scent is lovely.

  4. I love this product! it was the best scrub I’ve used on my skin. It’s gentle, but the exfoliation is really good – not like some that have 80% liquid and then 20% teeny tiny beads or something. The fragrance is nice and my skin felt really soft afterwards

  5. I love Dermalogica products, and I may forgive the heavy price tags on their facial products… but not for a body scrub! Especially if you can do the same job with a body brush and DIY scrubs.

  6. I have hit the like button because i love dermalogica products, but can you maybe add a button for not liking the price, gee wizz this is way to expensive for a scrub, maybe you can run us a competition on this Beauty so we can try to win it, there are some terrific scrubs that you can buy for far less.

  7. Way to pricey for a scrub, i love Dermalogica products, but there are lovely scrubs that’s much cheaper and just as efficient as this one, maybe if they have a price drop on this i will buy it but will never pay this for a scrub.

  8. I can clearly understand the need and use for a product like this, but for me it’s a bit too expensive.

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