Filorga UV Defence SPF50+

Filorga UV Defence SPF50

This sun care product places all skin types under high protection and effectively fights against the skin’s photo-induced ageing and photo-induced hyperpigmentation.

Price: R575

Availability: Selected Edgars and Red Square stores.

What we say:
Up until now I have been using an SPF 30 on my face in the morning, and have been happy with the results, though I always knew it would be better to go for a higher number. I am cautious to use an SPF 50 because my experience with them has been that they’re generally thick and greasy, and don’t absorb easily.

Thank goodness I came across this sunscreen from Filorga, as my perception of higher facial SPF’s has completely changed. Even though it is Factor 50, it absorbs into my skin without leaving a greasy residue. I am protected all day long, and have yet to see my skin go pink from the sun while wearing this product. My foundation applies over it easily and evenly and my pores never feel clogged or smothered.

I highly recommend it to women of all skin tones!
– Anien, BSA Content Editor


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