Avon Glow Bronzing Pearls

Get your glow on and show it all year round. Avon Glow forms part of a make-up collection of sun-inspired beauty. The multicoloured pearls swirl together for an instant radiant glow.

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63 Responses

  1. I love love love the bronzing pearls from Avon, especially when applied with a brush! It gives you that perfect highlighted look. Also, I always try choosing a shade slightly darker than my actual skin tone so that it shows more! :)

  2. I love these pearls! I have a hard time finding something that doesn’t make me look too orange, and the combination in these pearls (the original) is amazing. I LOVE the one for lighter tones skins even more. It’s affordable when on sale, and it lasts for ages! I apply it to my cheekbones, bridge of my nose and with the leftovers on my brush I gently brush my hairline.

  3. Ive been using this bronzer for over a year now… not constantly though….

    With regards to the price, it’s not as expensive as other bronzers but its also more expensive than some others… I do like the multi tonal effect it gives you, but you have to be careful not to apply too much as you can end up looking a bit too self tanned. What I do not enjoy about this product is when you accidentally bump it off your vanity or if falls out of your hand it’s bronze balls everywhere, and the other thing is that sometimes the little balls get stuck in your brush… but other than that, it’s not too bad and lasts quite long (the amount of product)

  4. This past weekend I received my order of Avon skin corrector pearls, Avon nail art decoration tool, Avon nail art brush & Avon nail buffer 3 in 1.

    I cannot wait to put the pearls into test, have heard a lot about them. Need to compare between the Avon bronzer pearls & these ones I’ve just ordered.

    They are said to be helping on getting a complexion that radiates perfection. Soft pearls with multi-benefit color correction technology to help perfect your complexion.

    Each color pearl as explained;
    Green reduces to neutralize redness
    Purple revitalizes to counteract yellowness
    Yellow Brightens to neutralize purple tones & under eye circles
    White Highlights to illuminate the face
    Peach balances to even out dark spots
    I hope they do not get shiny on the face & delivers as advertised.

    As for the nail art tools will put them to test today!

    I shall post a review about these items soon…

    Has any of you beauties tried them out already? Do share

  5. I love this product always buy it when its on special. I love how it lasts even on hot days. I gives my skin a glow. It takes my skin from normal to glamorous and very easy to blend and use

  6. This is a perfect product if you are looking for something natural to give you that perfect sunkissed look. It is also available in different shades so that you can match it up to your skin colour.

  7. If you want a radiant glow all year round, this product is for you. Avon Glow Bronzing Pearls give your skin the luminous look of a natural golden tan, providing you with that back-from-the-beach radiance, minus the sunburn. You can achieve this look throughout winter by dusting powder where the sun naturally hits…cheekbones, nose and forehead and always look like you’ve just returned from an island holiday. The multi-coloured, perfectly coordinated pearls comes in an easy to open container, and you need to use a brush to apply it. Ensure that you choose the right shade for your skin tone as it’s available in Warm, Ultra Cool and Deepest Warm. If you do end up buying a shade too light, the secret is to crush the pearls, which is quite easy to do, dab your brush in it and apply for a deeper, more intense glow. It’s available from all Avon stockists at R160 and it is definitely a product worth investing in.

  8. Avon Glow bronzing pearls gives skin the luminous look of a shimmering, natural tan! It highlights and defines the contours of your face. They come in three wonderful shades, warm, ultra cool and deepest warm. Bronzing pearls are great for providing a golden glow and blend naturally … Just loving the ultra cool variant!

  9. I am terribly mad at my friends and family for keeping this product a secret. These pearls have enough pigment to illuminate the skin. When used on parts of the face which reflect light well, i.e., brow bone, higher parts of cheekbones and along the forehead, you will notice a sun-kissed effect. I always joke that I look like I used a ‘filter’ on my face. I fully recommend this product.

  10. I’ve read some good reviews on this product. It looks like a good buy because the pearls will last long.

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