GR8SKN Clean Gentle Foaming Facewash

Clean: The cleanser with the correct pH! This cleanser will wash away excess oil without drying the skin and also help calm irritable skin. This gentle, foaming facewash is designed to clean your skin on many different levels. It removes surface oils and deep cleans at the same time. It contains honeysuckle and clay to clear out your pores, but it’s free from harsh sulfates that leave skin stretched and dry. Plus, unlike millions of other cleansers, Clean has the same pH level as skin, so you won’t experience after-washing tightness and dryness (since the skin won’t need to readjust its pH).

Price: R300

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2 Responses

  1. As we get older and our skin becomes drier, these are the lovely products that we should be using.

  2. This gentle foaming face wash is quite effective. I used a minimal amount of product with each application and it foamed very easily. It cleansed deeply but was gentle on my skin. The packaging is funky and eye-catching, and the smell is divine. This product left my skin feeling smooth and refreshed. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a face wash that does the job.

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