Graceland Spa

A full body massage using the Intensive Spa Dead Sea Treatment range.

Treatment: Herbal Mud massage

Duration: 2 hours

Cost: R420

What we say:
‘Few things beat Monday morning blues like being able to drive yourself to a spa for a morning of pampering. Two weeks ago I headed for Graceland Spa with just that in mind – the luxury of having a reason to switch off my phone and ignore the outside world for a couple of hours.

‘After unwinding in the Hydrotherapy tub and having a cup of tea, I was at Jenene’s mercy for the Herbal Mud Massage. This is performed with heated mud from the Intensive Dead Sea Treatment Spa range, mixed with plain massage oil. Black mud from the Dead Sea (also known as Silt) is high in minerals, trace elements and nutrients, making it a great skin detoxifier and nourisher. When I checked the ingredients of the mud mask afterwards, I was impressed to see that it contained only mud and two preservatives – too often a product like "mud mask" can mean 5% mud in 95% aqueous cream.

‘Because of the dense texture of the mud/oil mixture, the massage is performed with slow, rhythmic movements. Jenene maintained the medium pressure I requested perfectly throughout the massage – not once did I have to ask her to increase or reduce it during the entire treatment. When the massage was completed, she applied an extra layer of warm mud (without oil this time), wrapped me up in a plastic sheet and snugly covered me in towels. I then proceeded to have a time-travelling nap, and regained consciousness while Jenene was preparing the shower for me.

‘The mud didn’t take serious scrubbing to rinse off, as it doesn’t completely harden if you’re wrapped up. I didn’t use any soap, and I also didn’t use any moisturiser afterwards, because I wanted to see how my skin felt and reacted to the mud. I’m happy to report it felt soft, smooth, and soothed. Being of the pale variety, my forearms are pink-ish come summer or winter, and they were noticeably less so for a couple of days afterwards.

‘I also have to mention that I’ve had Dead Sea treatments from other product houses before, and not all of them have been equally successful. One stung/burnt my skin so badly that I couldn’t go through with it, and had to wash it off after just a couple of minutes. It is said that this stinging sensation is felt because of the penetration of the active ingredients, and I’m not saying that’s not the case, but ‘suffer for beauty’ has its limits…

‘Graceland Spa’s environment is very relaxed and unpretentious, and the staff members are all professional. I also liked that it’s just far enough from the busy areas to ensure quiet surroundings. While having a spa in a shopping mall has its perks, I was quite happy to not have to encounter anyone or queue at a parking pay station on my way out.’
– Chantelle

Contact: 011 918 9186, or

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  1. LOL !!! – Does this actually works ? I do have serious reservations regarding this type of treatment. Big NO for me…

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