Hey Gorgeous Chocolate Chip Face Mask

Hey Gorgeous Chocolate Chip Face Mask

This gorgeous Chocolate Chip Face Mask contains 70% cacao which is packed with antioxidants that eradicate free radicals, which are responsible for premature ageing, pigmentation, dry, sallow skin and more. Honey, included is this luxurious face mask, draws moisture to the skin and the fabulous essential oils tone, tighten, stimulate collagen to leave your skin soft and gorgeously radiant.

Price: R120

Availability: Please visit http://www.hey-gorgeous.co.za/ for further information on stockists.

What we say:

I’ve tried a couple of chocolate-flavoured skin and body products before, but nothing that came anything close to this face mask. When I say it smells good enough to eat, I really mean it. It contains real organic chocolate chips, and those, together with a blend of essential oils and shea butter, have the most amazing scent I have ever come across in a skin care product.

The product spread beautifully on my skin, even though it felt a bit strange with the chunky chocolate chips not dissolving, but sitting on the surface of my forehead and cheeks. The smell was so strong that I was tempted to lick a little bit of it off, but knowing it contains essential oils, I resisted.

My skin felt very soft after I washed the mask off, and it somehow looked more radiant the following morning. Although I loved the smell of the product, I am happy to say that it didn’t linger once I removed the mask (there is only so much chocolate a girl can handle!). After trying this product I am extremely excited to try out some of the other products from this local, natural brand.

– Anien


3 Responses

  1. Who doesn’t love chocolate, or face masks. This is a combo made in heaven.

  2. This products smells so yummy! My skin feels soft and smooth and I have to constantly stop myself from trying to lick it.

  3. I absolutely love this mask! I also have the Goji Berry mask but the chocolate one reminds me of that Dairy Bell Choc chip yogurt – yum… also have to remind myself that it’s not edible. It leaves your skin silky smooth

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