Justine Honey Herbal Kissed by Honey Whipped Body Mousse

A rich, luxurious blend of honey, silicone and softeners are whipped together in a delightfully fluffy treat that effortlessly absorbs into the skin leaving it beautifully soft, smooth and moisturized.

What we say:
If you can imagine soaking yourself in a bath of milk and honey, and you like the thought of it, then this whipped body mousse is something you need to try. It is light and fluffy in texture, and once applied to your body is absorbs within seconds. It comes in a pretty simple tub with pretty labeling and looks good where ever you want to keep it. It almost feels like water and milk are the only ingreadients in this cream. It has a pleasent scent, that isn’t over powering and dissapears shortly after applied. You can you use a drop as a little goes a long way. I have ordered bulk as I cannot get enough of this cream from Justine.

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17 Responses

  1. I first discovered this product when my mother joined Justine, my skin feels so good after applying it . It deeply moisturizes the skin you can actually feel it. I always buy it when it goes on sale.

  2. Looks and sounds incredible, I’m gonna look for a Justine Rep…I’m getting this for myself.

  3. Sounds divine. Pity that it’s so hard to get hold of. Wonder if they’ll ever change this.

  4. I have all The Honey Herbal products, the glitter cream, hand cream everything and i love it … It smells absolutely edible, leaves my skin baby smooth and … The price is totally worth it

  5. Whenever you massage this gorgeous scented body cream, your skin glows with health. I look for every opportunity to apply this dream skin to my skin. The price is also a plus point and the fact that it’s from an iconic SA brand is a plus!

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