Dove Intensive Repair Deep Repair Treatment Mask

Dove’s Intensive Repair Mask’s fast melting formula with micro serum and fibre actives is technically proven to work at three levels. It restores the hair’s protein structure, boosting inner resistance. Micro moisture serum repairs ragged edges of hair cuticle layers to repair hair fibres from near the root to the tip. Finally, it protects the hair, boosting hair strength to give long-lasting protection, leaving hair up to 10 times more resilient against future damage.

Pricing: R52.99
Availability: leading retail stores

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  1. It worked for me, my hair was managable, silky and the fresh smell stayed in my hair even when it dried. Fantastic

  2. My hair can be quite oily but I find that it becomes dry at the ends (joburg winters!!) This mask really does help with the overall condition of my hair. You can feel that it is fuller & smother as soon as you rinse it off. This leaves my hair shiny and thick with no frizz and it doesn’t feel heavy or oily.

  3. Again great product! Dove knows what they are doing. My hair is long strong soft silky and soooo shiny. Honestly after using this the knots just fall out and brushing my hair becomes a pleasure.

  4. I suffer from very course and frizzy hair. When you straight iron your hair at least twice a week, it is bound to cause harm! But with the afordable Dove Intensive Repair hair mask, I can really feel the change. It smoothes out the frizz and makes my hair more manageable. Definately worth the price.

  5. A great treatment that is both affordable and effective in taming unruly locks and keeping hair in tip top shape.

  6. When my hair needs some TLC, that’s my call. I simply love the way it makes my hair feel after I’ve used it.

  7. Love these products! so good for fine and knotty hair! Amazing action with a lovely smell.

  8. I’m always looking for treatments that would help my hair look and feel softer and more manageable. At the moment I am using the Pantene hair mask (it comes in the same packaging as the Dove) and the Vo5 Hot Oil treatments (4 in a back for about R43 at Dis-Chem). The Hot Oil seems to be working nicely, but I would love something that actually gave my hair a nice smell. Everyone seems to be saying the Dove scent lingers. I am definitely going to try this out as soon as I get the chance. Can’t wait!

  9. My hair has been coloured (home and salon) approximately 32 times in the past 2 years, and surprisingly, I still have hair on my head. And it’s soft and shiny, all thanks to this Dove treatment! It works better than more expensive treatments, even salon treatments. Love the price, and it lasts for about a month, with me treating my hair about 4 times a week. Smells great, doesn’t feel greasy, and it’s just fantastic. Number one product for me!

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