L.O.V BROWttitude Eyebrow Contouring Palette

The perfect symbiosis of three soft powders and a fixing wax in one compact palette. The three powder colours can be combined to create an optimal individual shade. The correcting powder contours the brows for an instant lift-effect! Comes in two shades 300 Blonde Attitude and 310 Brunette Attitude.

RS Price: R247,95
Availability: From Dis-Chem and Takealot.com


2 Responses

  1. I love this brow kit, although the images on takealot.com are very misleading, and I ended up buying the wrong shade at first, the product feels buttery, and the packaging is sleek and expensive looking. The double-ended brush and spoolie included are a great addition, and I actually use it regularly with this product. The palette comes with a pigmented wax, lovely for setting the brows, as well as 2 brow powders, and a highlight powder. It is all you need to have beautiful brows.

  2. Found this product a must for maintaining perfect brows!

    I found the packaging very plain, simple and elegant. The container is very sturdy and well protects the amazing contents. I loved the inside mirror with basic guidelines for easy application. It’s also great that this can be removed for a better mirror view. The inside layout of make-up is very well placed, making it easy to follow the steps to perfect eyebrows. The double-sided brush included is designed for easy application. Although I liked the application side, an additional small soft-tipped applicator could allow for a more even application. I really loved the brush end of the applicator, as it really provides a natural finish to beautiful brows.

    I found the wax for step one to gorgeous brows really awesome and useful, for both easy application of powder, and also for enhancing specific parts of my brows. It really has staying power prolonging make- up all day. Using the wax with the brush side of the applicator prior to powder allowed for a great guideline to powder application, as well as acting as a good brow gel.

    At first glance, I was slightly disappointed with step 2 that a black powder was not included which I usually use, but I was really happy with results using the included colours. It’s great that the 2 colours of step 2 can be combined or applied differently for individual use, making it a versatile product. This allows anyone the opportunity to enhance any eyebrow to perfection.

    What I liked about step 3 was that the powder acts as an eraser for any mistakes during application. It also enhances the brow area as it brightens it, this works well with a good mascara to give you a great open eye effect.

    I found this product good value for money as it included all the little components needed to enhance almost any brows. It provides a temporary alternative to an eyebrow tint and also works great between eyebrow waxing/shaping to help disguise the straggly bits whilst brows are growing out.

    It is a great product that I’m super happy to have stumbled across, and am even more happy that it is widely available in South Africa including my region!

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