Lamelle Correctives Hydrating HA Serum

Lamelle Hydrating HA PLUS


Correctives Hydrating HA Serum – the very first product in the industry to use HAFi fragments. HAFi stands for  Intermediate Hyaluronic Acid fragment which is a very specific length HA segment or chain.

Only HAFi fragments have all five very specific effects on skin;



  1. they are able to penetrate into the epidermis and dermis,
  2. they can attract and bind water into the epidermis and dermis,
  3. they can stimulate keratinocytes and fibroblasts to produce additional Hyaluronic acid,
  4. they increase keratinocyte and fibroblast proliferation (increase the number of cells),
  5. they can assist in wound healing by encouraging the movement of new keratinocytes across the surface of an injury.

Price: From R460
Size:  30ml
Availability: Dermatologists, aesthetic doctors, Skin Renewal

What we say: 
Anything with the word hydrating in the name gets excited and I immediately want to try it. I tend have quite a dry skin, or rather dry areas so I love products that offer my skin hydration. I also love a good serum. This one from Lamelle is thin enough for me to wear daily under my moisturiser and rest of my products. I find that it absorbs almost immediately into my skin. It works amazingly after skin treatments such as peels. I found that after using it for three weeks, I could definitely see a drastic difference in the texture of my skin. It almost felt more plump and was glowing. I am going to be keeping this one throughout winter and as a booster every know and then throughout the year.
– Zoe Gruss, BSA Beauty Editor


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  1. This is a very good corrector serum by Lamelle. I would recommend this for anyone who has dry/combination skin like me. The fine lines on my forehead has disappeared in just two weeks after using this product and I have not broken out in pimples as I do with most serums or moisturisers. I further use this as a protective barrier whilst travelling as the aircon tends to dry out my skin even more.

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