Woolworths Lip & Cheek Tint: Blush

A colour tint will give your lips a sultry matt finish and your cheeks and understated flush. Try the pink, berry and coral shades.

What we say:
With the cold winter months slowly creeping in on us, everyone needs a good quality cream blusher that is going to moisturise the skin and provide a healthy glow. As I only use a cream blusher in winter, I prefer to go for a budget friendly option and splurge on a high end powder blush for the warmer months.
I was slightly apprehensive of the intense colour of the blush in its packaging, however the blush is sheerer than it looks and it blended into my skin effortlessly giving my cheeks a perfect pop of colour. I am not convinced that I would use Cheery Cherry as a lip tint as the sheer stained finish looked washed out on my lips. I prefer a pink tint on my lips, so I will definitely be investing in the Pink shade! I was initially put off by the strong ‘make-up’ smell, however once blended into the skin the smell mellowed and was soon unnoticeable.
At only R49.95, the Lip & Cheek Tint is the ideal guilt free purchase and its compact size makes it perfect for when you on-the-go.

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45 Responses

  1. I haven’t tried this yet, but looking at the long list of good reviews, I need to pop this into my trolley the next time I go to woolies!

  2. This is such a handy little blush and lip tint! Its totally affordable and easy to use. I got a bit of a bright color and at first glance i thought it was gonna be too hectic when applied but it actually looks so natural and pretty when applied. i just use my finger to apply it and dab on my cheek area a bit and then use my complexion sponge to blend it to a natural look. It gives lips a moisturized tint and glow. the product has a good texture and no real smell to it, it does not irritate skin or lips. The packaging is basic but pretty.

  3. I love this blush. It gives my cheeks a sheer yet colorful glow which I love.

  4. Love the new Wink Product line from Woolies. By producing a well priced, dual function product Woolies is taking note of the current economic climate without comprising on quality. well done!

  5. Don’t be fooled by the violent looking colors in the palet ladies, these little gems are quite sheer once applied although I fund them quite drying on my lips and preferred just to use them on my cheeks. They are great for summer too, as when I use a bb or cc cream, it’s better to use a sheer wash of colour such as these over them. Go for the coral. A great colour for summer!

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