L’Oréal Paris Superliner Blackbuster

The first liner marker for an easy winged eye; the blockbuster look of the season. The liner marker is intuitive to use, making it mistake-proof and easy to apply. Breakthrough black ink formula is 100% black and goes on smooth. Ultimate perfection in a single stroke!
100% Black, 100% bold, 100% irresistable.

Price: R139.95
Availability: Selected retailers and pharmacies.

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5 Responses

  1. I am a die-hard eyeliner user and I am obsessed with pen-shaped liners. So when I received the Super Line Black Buster eyeliner, I was excited to try it out. The product promises 8 hours of wear, and this product definitely lasted much longer. The application was 100% black but during the course of the day it lightened a bit, but I still had the perfect look. The wear was so comfortable; it felt as if I had no liner on eyes. The tip is the perfect thickness to achieve the desired affect.

    Removing the eyeliner was simple and effortless; all it took was warm soapy water and gentle washing to remove the liner.

    I was able to easily apply the liner myself and didn’t require any assistance – which is great, as applying eyeliner can be tricky sometimes. I would however, prefer the bigger applicator, as it is easier to apply the liner in one single line as opposed to reapplying when using a thinner line. The liner also lasted the entire day, from daytime to a night out, which is exactly what I was looking for in an eyeliner!

    Overall – I was extremely happy with this liner! I have already traded my old liner for this new super liner!

  2. The packaging:
    This liquid liner looks like a premium black and gold permanent marker.

    The product:
    I usually prefer thin liquid liners, which can give me the subtle cat eye look, and applicators which let me get really close to the lashes on the eyelid.
    It was difficult to get used to the tip – After watching a few tutorials on online I eventually learned how to apply it.
    To get the thin, subtle line it needs to be applied at an angle, you need to be careful otherwise the lashes get in the way and you end up smudging the line.
    For the more dramatic bombshell look you can use the thick side of the tip, which really is great for creating thick even lines.

    This product also delivers on its long-lasting promise, which is great, no need to keep reapplying throughout the evening or during the day!

  3. A black tube with smart gold lettering. It has a pull off cap, which I learned after twisting for like 30 seconds. Lol. The felt tip looks like a pen and is quite soft. Again, there is no scent. It is quite easy to line the eyes, even with hands as unsteady as mine! I tend to rub my eyes a lot and I noticed that it easily wipes off, and therefore  isn’t long-lasting in my case. I spend the day in an air conditioned office, and by consciously not rubbing my eyes (which was very difficult for me), the SUPERLINER BLACKBUSTER managed to give me a smoky eyed look for most of the day. I think had I done a touch up midday, it would have been perfect. I would recommend this for special occasions but not everyday use, in my case, because of my fidgety hands.

  4. I have at last found liquid eyeliner that I need not worry about. First of all, there’s no mess. Application is a dream and lasts the whole day without any retouching. The first stroke though is not 100% black, but then again I’m a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to my make-up. The third time round, it gives a perfect black that I’m happy with.

    The tip doesn’t leak or drip as some do. But not only does it keep mess at bay, you can make the tip thinner or thicker as desired. This is revolutionary in my world, as I can draw lines and create angles as I want without having to use a cotton bud to erase mistakes made.

    Application is effortless and comfortable to wear. It doesn’t flake or fade during the day.
    Love it!

    My facial routine hasn’t changed at all after using my Superliner Blackbuster. It’s easy to remove with lukewarm water. It comes off with a facial wipe as well. No excessive rubbing, just a couple of strokes and it’s off.

    I apply my own make-up. I prefer it that way (well, until I get a personal make-up artist), so applying it myself is easy. It also helps that the applicator is bigger than usual eye liners, as I have more control during application. It is smudge-proof as soon as it dries. How awesome is that!

    I’ve traded my old liner for the Superliner! Maybe you will too.

  5. This product is the best liner I have ever used. The design and packaging are very appealing. I generally do not use a tip liner as I can never apply it properly, but this product is so easy to use. It is as dark as can be, and was easy to apply and take off. It dried quickly, had a pleasant make-up smell and fitted well between my fingers. I created the most awesome wing-tip and cat eye make-up. It was luxury in my hands and I will MOST DEFINITELY be buying it again and recommending it to all of my friends. This is a must-have on everyone’s make-up list.

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