Coverderm Luminous Make-up

Unique colouring make-up that perfectly covers and, at the same time, fights skin blemishes and spots.

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3 Responses

  1. I love this product as I am prone to redness – rosacio. This sooths my skin and the luminous look makes my skin look less red. It is light and durable – I love it.

  2. Have heard great things abotu coverderm, but never tried it. It is a bit expensive though, and i prefer tinted cover

  3. I love coverderm products i have used the Vanish yeux and the Vanish visage which is so great, would really love to give this Luminous Make Up a try, but i think the price is a bit heavy, very happy with coverderm products so i think this product will be outstanding.

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Coverderm Perfect Lashes

Coverderm Perfect Lashes

Your view on the world will be perfectly framed by your luscious lashes.

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