MAC Strobe Cream

The ultimate quick fix for the skin. Super-powered with potent botanicals; de-snoozes, de-stresses, moistens, freshens and boosts the look of dull, flat or tired-looking skin with a fully loaded vitamin zap and a mega dose of green tea. Brightens and clarifies with iridescent particles and antioxidants. Enhances the effects of light on all skin and in all lighting conditions from sunlight to spotlight.

Price: R335
Size: 50ml

Availability: Selected MAC stores nationwide or

What we say:
When I purchased the MAC Strobe Cream it wasn’t a product that had been on my beauty wish list, but when I saw it I decided I had to have it. Boy am I glad I purchased it! While I do not use it every day, when I need an extra boost of glow, this is the first product I reach for.  The uses of the strobe cream are endless, but I usually use it as a highlighter or to add a glow to my skin if it is feeling lackluster.

As a highlighter I merely dab a bit above my cheekbones to add a subtle shimmer. During summer, the strobe cream outshines any powder highlighter I have as it creates a gorgeous glow. If my skin is feeling a bit dull I simply mix a drop of the strobe cream in either my moisturiser or my foundation and it instantly perks up my complexion for a fresher look. I use my strobe cream sparingly as it is rather expensive, so as a result is has lasted me quite a long time. If someone where to use it everyday I suspect it may not last as long.

My only criticism about the Strobe Cream may seem rather silly, but I do wish they were available in smaller travel sizes as it does take up a fair amount of space in my cosmetics bag when travelling.
– Emily, BSA Social Media & Community Manager


6 Responses

  1. I begged my brother to get me this strobing cream after the trend came up and have literally used it around 5 times and each time my skin looks a shiny and not exactly strobed. I also found that when I wanted to apply my foundation over the cream it didn’t look as natural and looked patchy. I think it did not blend well with my foundation. I feel if you mix the product with your foundation it would look better than applying it on your face first and then your foundation after. So mix it in with your foundation for a dewy effect!

  2. Skin is often dull and dry and you just want that extra glow and shine in your daily routine. Try the MAC Strobe Cream apply this to your face before or to your foundation and you will get that quick glow on the go.

  3. I love make-up and I LOVE Mac make-up. When the strobe craze was doing the rounds I was not on the bandwagon. Still, if it is there then I will eventually get around to trying it out. Mac strobe cream is a tough cookie to crack.

    The product is intended for a slight shimmer, lift or highlight. It is best used either under a moisturiser or mixed into your foundation. It cannot be used over any product. It is an under not over application.

    If you are looking for a minimalist look with a slight shimmer or highlight then you may love this product. Do not ever attempt to use it over a foundation. The cream forms a film that will look unsightly if it is used over foundation.

    Used under a foundation the product disappears. Mixed into a foundation you may get a slight highlight. But not enough to pack any kind of punch.

    Silk Helmet Lady

  4. I had always been hesitant to spend over R300 on a product when the benefits of the product seemed somewhat unclear to me.
    However, moving to a drier climate and having a more draining job meant I was digging deep into my beauty budget for a solution.
    MAC Strobe Cream is definitely the miracle solution for tired skin. I applied just a tiny drop above my cheek bones and around my eyes (especially the area between my nose and eyes, where my glasses rest and my eyelids), and I found I needed little else to achieve a luminosity that took years off my appearance.
    The cream is light and easy to blend into the skin. It is very lightly fragranced and has a pleasant texture.
    Considering how little you need, the 50ml is definitely adequately priced. However, the shape of the bottle is awkward and made of a particularly hard plastic. I was a little worried that I may squeeze too hard and land up wasting a large amount – but being extra careful (this was an investment purchase, after all), I managed to squeeze out just the right amount. I look forward to seeing whether this investment pays out over the long run.

  5. I was introduced to strobe cream by the MAC girls when I was investing in my wedding make up – I have never looked back!

    Although I do not put on a full face everyday I do find that it makes my face look and feel, smoother and it makes the actual application of foundation far easier. The end result being a face without that ‘obvious’ foundation mask which is so evident with some products.

    I find it lasts a long time although I only use it once per week when putting on a full face of make up.

    It is light in application (I apply with a brush) and it truly does not suffocate the skin.

    I will be devastated if they discontinue this product.


  6. I have so much love for this cream. It is the perfect highlighter or overall “glow-giver”. It gives my skin an amazing lit from within illumination without making me look like a disco ball. BUT the trick is learning how much is enough for your face. I love that it can be used on any skin tone and any skin colour. This is one of my going out/special event must have.

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