Garnier Oil Control Vanishing Cream

Garnier Oil Control Vanishing Cream has a triple action: it instantly mattifies skin and helps control sebum and shine; your skin is fresh, purified and moisturized with no white residue and no tightness; and it visibly restores the skin’s natural radiance.

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13 Responses

  1. Garnier has done it again with their Oil Control Complete Vanishing cream!

    The unique blend of mattifying agents not only leaves skin shine free but also has other properties which leave skin feeling clean, refreshed and visibly brighter! An extra bonus? This product also reduces the appearance of scars, combats every teenager’s enemy, acne and doesn’t leave your skin feeling dry and papery, and more importantly, doesn’t have an acidic, chemical smell.

    It’s convenient size makes it ideal to pop into your toiletry bag or handbag for people on the go.

    Light and moisturizing, this cream can double up as a perfect base for your everyday make up. Simply dot a small amount all over your face and massage in in circular motions.

    Not only does this product do it’s job, it’s also inexpensive and can be found in most pharmacies and supermarkets.

    Get your hands on this amazing cream and say bye to oily skin in the middle of the day and hello to an acne free, shine free you!!

  2. My girlfriend introduced me to this product. It is ideal for a guy who cares about his skin but doesnt want the product to be too noticeable and take away his “manliness”. It is a translucent serum cream that absorbs beautifully into skin, leaving it hydrated and soft and oil-free for the whole day!

  3. I Absolutely love this product and I believe that everyone should try it. Its cheap and effective. I use it in the morning. I wash my face and just apply it on. It is easy to absorb and feels hydrating – like water. You do not have to use face powder as well as it leaves a nice healthy glowing matte feeling. Even my boyfriend uses this and I recommend it to everyone. This is definitely a product for those who douse a lot of make up. You can just apply and put on some lipgloss or eyeliner and sorted for the rest of the day. Makes skin feel younger and plumpier as well.


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