OPI Start To Finish Base and Top Coat

Start to Finish Base Coat, Top Coat & Nail Strengthener by OPI boasts a 3-in-1 formula that combines natural nail strengthening with long-lasting base and top coats.
Price: R232
Availability: Selected nail salons, Clicks and pharmacies nationwide.
What we say:
This is a must-have when it comes base and top coats and especially when you use it with an OPI polish. I applied it as a base coat before applying the OPI Big Apple Red Nail Laquer and then again after. I am not such a pro when it comes to painting and usually  land up smudging my freshly painted toes right away. I found that with this top coat it dried so quickly and left my toes shining. It also lasted about 4 weeks on my toes. I bet it would have lasted longer if I never removed it!
-Zoe, BSA Beauty Editor

8 Responses

  1. This is the best nail polish I have tried. Long lasting esp when it comes to washing dishes :)

  2. I love the consistency of OPI nail polsih. An added bonus is their wide flat brushes which ensures easy application

  3. Historically I have not lasted longer than 10 minutes without botching my nails. With OPI’s base & top coat I look like I’ve whizzed off to get my nails done, love it!

  4. I am a die hard fan of OPI nail polishes, and this product sounds like a must to make them last longer! I previously used the individual OPI base and top coats, and found that the base coat was good but the top coat took forever to dry! I mean like 1 hour of not touching anything unless you want smudges or streaks. It also required lots of careful brushing in order to avoid bubbles forming in the surface (very strange, I know). The effect was still good but is very labour intensive and time consuming.

    I will most difintely be investing in one of these multi-taskers soon! OPI in my opinion is the only nail polish that lasts more than 3 days on my hands! At a push I can even make it last a whole week! It really is worth the money.

  5. The absolute stand out feature of this nail strengthener is its outstanding quick drying time. I’ve always found nail strengtheners to be pretty much the same but the O.P.I strengthener is in a league of its own. It take less than 5 minutes from application to completely dry. Brilliant product

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OPI Big Apple Red Nail Laqcuer

OPI Big Apple Red Nail Laqcuer

ProWide brush provides a perfect streak free finish to any nail style.

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