SoftLips Organics

Softlips Organics is certified organic and 100% natural. The premium, organic ingredients provide a silky-smooth, eco-friendly lip protectant for softer, healthier lips.

Price: R29.99
Availability: Clicks, Pick n Pay, Dis-Chem and Checkers stores

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  1. The packaging attracted me, I love the texture and its handy. I tried the pomegranate one and I will be buying it again .

  2. The “tingly” feeling when applied is just amazing not to mention how soft and supple it makes my lips!

  3. It’s natural and WONDERFUL. Tastes amazing, has a sheer tint and moisturises for hours.

  4. I find this product to be great when it comes to keeping lips soft and they do come in all sorts of flavors and sometimes have colour changing tinges almost like lipstick.

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SoftLips Moisturising Glimmer Gloss

SoftLips Moisturising Glimmer Gloss

Softlips Moisturings Glimmer Gloss protects and softens chapped lips
SoftLips spf15 Tinted Lip Conditioner/Sunscreen

SoftLips spf15 Tinted Lip Conditioner/Sunscreen

This protects and moisturises your lips with a touch of colour.
SoftLips Lip Protectant Sunscreen SPF 20

SoftLips Lip Protectant Sunscreen SPF 20

Smooth glide-on formula moisturises lips to keep them soft and healthy.

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