Yardley Precious Petals EDP

Escape reality and enter the secret garden of Yardley’s Precious Petals. This soft, romantic fragrance is a timeless affair, an expression of purity, softness and perfection. The top notes include pink pepper, violet and litchi, interlacing with middle notes of lily, rose and peony. The rich base notes include sandalwood, Cederwood and musk.


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  1. Yardley Precious Petals is such an extraordinary feminine scent. The pink powdery, woody, floral juice is contained in a stylish diamond shaped bottle, I adore. The fragrance has an Oriental touch and there is a strong dose of rose. This is a stunning everyday scent.

  2. I received this fragrance as a birthday gift. It has a really lovely floral scent and is the perfect perfume for young teens.The bottle is really gorgeous and reminds me of the old fashioned perfume bottles. The fragrance is a delicate combination of rose, violet, lily and peony, with hints of sandalwood and musk. I would recommend this fragrance to ladies who love soft feminine perfumes.

  3. The bottle is old fashioned glamour, and the scent is soft yet a little overwhelming. It does however fade to powdery notes that are subtle.

  4. I love flower scents,and love the name and bottle of Yardley Petals and the price is very good..
    On my way yto town tomorow i will give this one a try..

  5. I have tested this product and the fragrance it just what i like not over powering and long lasting scent… Have to save up for it though

  6. I have used this product. Wow, it boosted my confidence seriously. I didn’t mind seeing a guy sitting next to me. I was so sure at some that it was because I had this feminine precious smelling, but I didn’t mind him. I felt that I was on point in terms of everything only because of that smelling, wow I would never abonden that product. In fact it is vey luxurios, and I shall continue to use it. Yes I was stunning.

  7. The bottle actually attracted me to this product, the perfume is light and gentle and really feminine.

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