Pureology Curl Complete Uplifting Curl Treatment Styler

Light spray gel revives lifeless curls with enhanced definition and bounce without frizz.

Price: R322
Availability: Selected salons and online stores.

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2 Responses

  1. The name Pureology is effectively that; no parabens, no sulphates, no additional unnecessary ingredients which unnecessarily cause more damage. I find most of the Pureology range which I’ve tried to be incredibly awesome and effective!!

    So, I found this gem whilst looking for sulphate free shampoo post Brazilian blow-wave, as my hairdresser recommended it; still very grateful to her.

    This shampoo specifically works well at maintaining the smoothing effect needed. It enhances color treated hair beautifully as it was specifically developed for color treated hair. It lathers well despite being sulphate free. Very little shampoo is actually needed, so a bottle goes a long way. Really worked well at eliminating frizz without weighing my hair down; combined with the Brazilian blow-wave, it had a straightening effect on my fine hair. Unfortunately, was quite expensive and not a budget buy but worth every cent.

    I use cost per month on products and since it lasted me 4 months, my cost per month was R72.50 per month, equating to slightly more than non-professional cosmetic shampoos found in normal retail chains. It also prolonged my Brazilian blow-wave.

    Departing comments:

    Usage tip: Shampoo should be use to clean the head, roots and scalp, not necessarily your hair, as you don’t want to strip the hair of its natural oils. You only need a coin sized amount lathered from the root of your hair and then work through any lather to the rest of your hair. Using this way, a bottle lasts a long way.

    A real spoil is to use accompanying products in the range. I’ve used the conditioner which I will review. I can only imagine the effect with the rest of the range.

    I’ve recently accepted that my hair is in fact fine and wavy contrary to straight, and have decided to wear it as such; so really looking forward to trying the Pure Volume Range by Pureology!

    I really wish that salons close to me actually used Pureology, as this is a great brand!

  2. The purpose of this product is to smooth an eliminate frizz, and it really works! I like the packaging, it looks high-end and is easy to use. It has a soft smell which is familiar, yet I cannot place my finger on what it is. The styling product does not leave your hair smelling, however, it did leave my hair feeling crunchy. It did make my curls beautiful and last longer- I am on the third day after application and my curls still look great, even after having my hair tied up for most of the 2nd day, which usually ruins my curl. I am very impressed with this product, regardless of the crunchy feel. It did not have a wet-look, which most products have. It does not leave a white residue after a few days and it still leaves your hair in an easy to brush state. Well, as easy as it could be to brush curly hair. Overall, I am very impressed with this product and would definitely purchase this product, regardless of the very steep price.

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Pureology Curl Complete Conditioner

Pureology Curl Complete Conditioner

Versatile detangling conditioner – perfect for curly hair!
Pureology Curl Complete Shampoo

Pureology Curl Complete Shampoo

If you have curly hair, this is the shampoo for you!

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