Sh’Zen Rehydrating Bath

This rich emollient is designed to moisturise and comfort extremely dry, cracked skin.

What we say:
Sampling the Sh`Zen Rehydrating Bath which is applied before a bath, has a subtle smell that is light and does not over power you or the experience.

It’s as soft as anything and allows for complete comfort and soothing. The process of opening is quick and easy, however, the first turn needs a hard wrist like opening a jar. The product is quite small which may be a concern as it won’t last a long time. It has moisturising properties to ensure relief from dry skin.

During winter I have extremely dry skin and this, along with my other products, has nourished my skin, making it feel soft and hydrated. Overall I loved using the Rehydrating Bath and it definitely lives up to its name.
– Candice

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10 Responses

  1. I bought this product without realizing that it is to be used on skin before bathing! I find this product works well on dry skin in and out of the bath. I use it for very dry skin such as my hands, feet, legs and elbows. It smells lovely and melts onto my skin. I would definitely recommend trying this product!

  2. Using this product before having a shower or bath keeps my skin so soft and smooth.I dont even need to use a cream after and it lasts until your next shower.. Also excellent when used as a shaving cream :) leaves legs velvety smooth.

  3. This product is a must have, especially for winter. It is very simple to use, you simply apply the product as a balm on your body before you step into the bath or shower and simply lather under water, it is perfect to achieve softer, smoother and much more hydrated skin within days.

  4. Love love love Sh’zen! An absolute must for every person who wants soft and beautiful skin. I made my husband try it for his eczema and he’s since stopped complaining about the itchy dryness.

  5. I was convinced that this re-hydrating bath will help me, my skin started to become dry, I was blaming relocation from humid KZN to dry Gauteng. I will locate the consultant close to me, Thank beauty South

  6. Oh wow! This product is amazing ladies. It makes dry skin feel relieved and super moisturized.
    It’s pure bliss. I love this product fromSh’Zen. It comes in a cute, attractive and easy to open jar. Give it a try it will be your best friend for your skin winter time.

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