Revlon Chalkboard Nail Enamels

Revlon Chalkboard Enamels

Revlon Chalkboard Nail Enamels are for woman wanting to dress up their nails with exciting matte finishes and pastel shades which are trendy, and who also like to experiment with hot nail art looks. The nail enamels come in dual-eneded packaging which gives you everything you need to create fun nail art designs at home. One side is a matt black base shade and one side a matt pastel top shade.


 Price: R94,95

Availability: Pharmacies and departmental stores.

What we say:
I love trying new, quirky things with my nail polish. That’s why I was super excited to try out Revlon Chalkboard. The Revlon Chalkboard container has two sides. The one side consists of matte black polish – this is the chalkboard. The other side has a pastel shade with a smaller brush – this is the chalk.

I am so in love with the texture of the matte black. It truly looks like a chalkboard! The tricky part comes in when you have to draw over it with the pastel brush. It’s smaller than an average brush, yet it’s still quite difficult to draw with it. If you have enough time and patience, your nails will be perfect. Just make absolutely sure that the black is dry before you apply the pastel over it, otherwise you’ll make a mess! (Like I did on my first try!) The matte black lasted about three days before it started chipping in the corners. Applying a Revlon topcoat, however, can prevent this.

Overall I am very happy with this product – it’s perfect for summer festivals. And even if you don’t use the pastel, the matte black will still make your nails look awesome!


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2 Responses

  1. I have this in the shade Teacher’s Pet. This duo consists of a matte black and an off white. I really love this duo because the matte nail polish (black) has a normal brush while the other side (off white) has a striping brush, which makes doing your own funky designs really easy. I was very impressed that I was able to apply the matte black nail polish on my nails very neatly, although using the other side was a bit tricky. However, with a little practice I will be aceing those designs. So far I have tried dots and stripes as well as writing my name (which is so awesome!). I would definitely be buying other colors in this range because it is well worth it.

  2. I have this duo in homecoming, which is the matte black polish with a lilac pastel nail art pen. I was a little disappointed with this polish, because I had lots of expectations but none of them were really fulfilled. The matte polish really lasted a day before chipping (using a top coat would really ruin the matte effect) plus the pastel lilac was a little too dull to show on the matte, and needed two coats. I’ve seen many designs done with this polish, and I don’t really have a steady hand, yet I expected myself to be able to do a simple type of design, but unfortunately not! The pastel colour was a little too weak in texture for my liking, which made it a little difficult to design something pretty. I’d assume someone with a more steady hand can obviously design something better.

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