Africology Rose Absolute Serum

Roses are good for the skin and the soul, and have been used for their natural healing abilities for centuries. This all-natural serum contains rose absolute which assists in treating dryness, redness, dermatitis and even acts as an anti-ageing agent! Rose has a balancing effect on the skin which is particularly effective during hormonal changes. Try this serum for non-oily hydration, balance and relief of sensitivity.

What we say:
The rose has always been one of my favourite flowers and ingredients in fragrances and body products. When I heard about it being used in a skin care serum, I knew I had to try it.

What I loved about this product is that it contains 100% natural ingredients and that it is produced locally. It was perfect for my sensitive skin and the scent had me sold before I even tried it. I used it after cleansing (and before moisturising) twice a day and could feel a difference in my skin after a couple of weeks. There was no more dryness on my chin, the redness around my nose was reduced and my skin felt hydrated without having an oily residue.

A definite winner in my books and now I can’t wait to try out the rest of the range!
– Anien


13 Responses

  1. I must say I love the caramel like smell of the serum. It is non-oily after application and sometimes I don’t even need to moisturise as it is rich. So far so good since I’ve started using it.

  2. The scent of this product is divine. However, I found the price a little bit out of my range even though the product was quite long lasting. And not such a big fan of the brown packaging. It doesn’t look appealing to the consumer.

  3. this sounds like a miracle in a bottle! i have read that rosehip is wonderful for the skin, i must give this a try when the budget allows :)

  4. Sounds great, i love rose hip oil, gives my skin a glow, does this work the same?

  5. sounds nice and would like to try it as i am suffering from eczema

  6. I’ve used rose water in the past as an occasional alternative to beauty range toners and my skin looked and felt great afterwards. This serum sounds divine and is going straight onto my ‘gotta have’ list – I’m dying to try it as I have a couple of small sensitive patches on my face that require additional hydration – this seems to be exactly what I need.

  7. This sounds amazing and I would love to try it out. I wonder if it would work on old scars?

  8. I have eczema and because of this I can only use limited skin care products on my skin. But i like that this product uses only natural ingredients which will not irritate my skin and cause itchiness.

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