Satiskin Body Wash

Satiskin Body Wash

Get clean with this locally produced body wash. A range of scents is available to choose from and each product is affordably priced.

Price: R24.95
Size: 400ml
Availability: Supermarkets and selected retail stores.

What we say:
I tried the Satiskin Body Wash in Blissful Berry and had mixed feelings about the product.

I liked the following:
The jelly consistency: runnier than regular jelly we eat, this product still had a very gooey consistency which I loved. There’s no wasting as nothing runs out unnecessarily.
The packaging and price: ultra affordable, and the larger size means I don’t have to replace my product all the time.

I disliked the following:
The scent: although I generally enjoy fruity fragrances, this one is much too strong for my liking. It reminded me of the scent of My Little Ponies – too sweet for me!
The colour: though the bright pink is quite novel, I must admit that it is a little bit off-putting.

All-in-all this is great value for money, but the bright colour and strong scent means it’s not for me.
– Anien, BSA Content Editor


5 Responses

  1. Its a good soap i have used it since last year .. actually its makes your body skin soft and nice … ocean energy is one of my favourities the scent is really good i enjoy my bath with satiskin body wash

  2. I can’t get enough of the Satiskin body wash range! I’ve been using Satiskin for years and usually buy more than one variant of which Blissful Berry, Ocean Energy and Nature’s Balance are my favorites. The range leaves skin silky smooth, hydrated and fabulously scented. Two thumbs up for affordability!

  3. I recently bought this product as it was on special – buy one get one free. I tried it and absolutely loved the fragrance and it made me skin feel so soft, out of pure curiosity I washed my hair with it and the results were quite surprising too, my hair felt soft and smelt great. My hair also felt thicker but manageable and I have very long hair. So well done Satiskin – I had no idea your products were so versatile.

  4. Satiskin is my favourite foam bubble bath. I love the soapy, smooth bubbly effect. Nothing better then the smell of pine aroma or ocean fresh in a bath of hot water on a cold wintery day or night. I have used all the different variants but have not yet tried the exotic ocean Paradise.
    This is the only bubble bath foam that I use. When there is a promotion on Satiskin I buy up to 10 bottles.

  5. This product is remarkably fantastic! I strongly recommend this product to everyone. I love showering after a long day and Satiskin Body Wash does it for me.

    In terms of the aroma, it doesn’t matter which of the wide range of fragrances you choose, it will infuse into your skin leaving it soft and refreshing.

    They have revamped the packaging in the past few years, I would like a pump nozzle rather than the pour out – but hey, no biggie.

    I absolutely love this product – try it!

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