bebe Sheer

Bebe sheer is inspired by the bebe woman’s playful side. Hip & cool, young & fresh, romantically playful. Different than the bebe Eau de Parfum, the bebe sheer fragrance is airier, more open and brighter. The perfumers used less amber notes and added fresh, lush watery fruits. In addition, the floralcy is lighter and more transparent for a delicately sexy impression. The pastel pink on the bottle and the box and the pastel tone-on-tone bebe sheer playful pattern evoke femininity and fun.

Pricing: R695.00
Availability: Selected Edgars stores



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  1. I would love to give this a try. By the sounds of the reviews it’s a lovely fragrance.

  2. I really like this fragrance. I’ve been using it for a while now. Honestly though I must say that I only use it during the day as it’s too light for an evening out. It brings out my playful side and reminds me of my first date when I was a teen! That was a great gift to me, I really am a scent memory person and smells literally take me back in time to a place that invoked a strong emotion when that particular smell was present.

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