Sh’Zen Revive Cleansing Wash

Sh'Zen Revive Cleansing Wash

This refreshing body wash provides the perfect energy boost thanks to four sparkling essential oils. A key ingredient is may chang essential oil, extracted from the small, pepper-like fruits of an evergreen tree native to the Far East. It has a spicy, lemony, citrus aroma and is recognised for its stimulating, uplifting action that relieves fatigue and lethargy. It’s blended with refreshing lemon, reviving bergamot and regenerating neroli oils to provide a cleansing, fragrant pick-me-up.

Price: R169
Size: 200ml
Availability: Please visit for further information on Sh’Zen consultants.

What we say:
Though I’m not the biggest fan of citrus fruit, I absolutely love a citrus scent in my fragrances and body products. I was delighted to try this body wash from Sh’Zen as it contains two of my favourite ingredients: lemon and neroli. Plus, as soon as I hear that something contains essential oils, I’m already halfway to loving the product!

The first time I used this product was after a long day spent running around. It was hot, I was tired and all I wanted was to relax. I had a warm bath and used my new Sh’Zen body wash, which surprised me, as it had an incredibly rejuvenating effect.

As soon as the liquid comes out of the tube the room is filled with the fresh scent of lemon. It smells incredibly vibrant and zesty, and after lathering my whole body, I felt surprisingly refreshed and re-energised. Essential oils have always affected me positively and the combination of the oils in this wash was clearly all I needed to feel rejuvenated. In addition, the liquid foams beautifully and made my skin feel soft and supple afterwards.  I like that a subtle lemon scent remains, but that it’s not an overpowering smell that clashes with my perfume.
– Anien, BSA Content Editor

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