Skin Creamery Deep Cleansing Powder

Malachite, a mineral-rich crystal extract, has powerful antioxidant qualities. A semi-precious stone said to have a host of healing properties, malachite is renowned for removing impurities from the skin. It seeks out free radicals, effectively detoxifying skin. Rich in copper, zinc and magnesium, malachite extract helps to regenerate skin cells. It has anti-ageing qualities and protective benefits for those who love being outdoors. It also acts as an after-sun healer, calming redness and irritated skin.

Baobab fruit powder is high in vitamin C, while the floral splash of organic rose water gently balances the skin’s PH with a touch of toning magic. The omega-rich oil layer hydrates and conditions skin. This layer mixes effortlessly with the water phase forming a rejuvenating tonic for damaged or tired skin.

Calcium Bentonite is a mineral rich clay that helps absorb excess oil on the surface of the skin, without drying it out.

Baobab fruit powder, from the fruit of the baobab tree, is high in vitamin C – renowned for its anti-ageing properties and integral to the body’s production of collagen and elastin, the proteins responsible for youthful, supple skin.
Buchu, an indigenous herb, works as an anti-bacterial agent and adds to the powder’s refreshing scent. Macadamia nut shell micro granules provide all-natural exfoliation.

Price: R341.00

What we say:
I’ve used various powder exfoliators before, but this is unlike any of the others I have tried. First of all, it has a much more natural feel than most. While most powder exfoliators turn into a white paste with a chemical scent when water is added to them, this powder retains a natural colour, and has an earthy scent and texture when water is mixed into it. It was a new texture for me to get used to, but one I far prefer.

I’ve been making a paste with the powder, which I gently massage into my skin once or twice a week. I usually leave it on my skin for a few minutes before rinsing off. It does a great job at exfoliating – my skin feels very smooth after I’ve used it and I’ve noticed fewer dry patches and problematic areas since I started using it.

I love that it contains malachite (a crystal-extract filled with antioxidants) and a host of other natural ingredients that not only effectively exfoliate the skin, but also put minerals back into it. I feel at ease knowing that it doesn’t contain any micro-particles that are harmful to my skin or the ocean. A little bit of powder goes a long way so the bottle should last you a considerate amount of time.

The product itself feels luxurious on the skin and the scent and texture reminds me of some of the natural products that I have experienced at the spa. It is a great addition to any skincare regime.
– Anien, Editor


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