Smashbox Always Sharp Waterproof Kohl Liner

This waterproof kohl eyeliner glides on and self-sharpens every time you twist the cap off. Inspired by Smashbox pros who sharpen before every use on set, this first-of-its-kind pencil has a sharpener built right into the cap for a perfect tip, so you’ll always get a precise line.

·    Can be used on inner rim
·    Precision of a liquid liner in a fool-proof pencil
·    Waterproof and non-flaking

Price: R200

Availability: Smashbox counters at selected Woolworths stores.

What we say:
There’s nothing like a blunt eyeliner tip to irritate me first thing in the morning when I’m putting my make-up on. That, along with difficult application is my top pet peeve when it comes to beauty products. Enter Smashbox with an amazing new liner that combats both those battles.

This unique pencil contains a self-sharpening tool, so every time you unscrew the lid, you sharpen the tip. Genius? I thought so too.

I love that the tip is soft and it lines quickly and easily – you don’t have to rub your eyelids or press hard to get the colour on. It lasts all day and doesn’t run or smudge, so much so, that I sometimes struggle a little bit to get if off. Nothing a bit of waterproof eye-makeup remover can’t fix though! And because the tip is so precise, it only takes a minute to draw the perfect line.

I’ve been using the black liner #Raven (I’m a classic black liner girl through and through) but now that I know the product I’m excited to try some of the funkier colors too. If you wear liner you will adore this product!

– Anien


10 Responses

  1. I love a bit of colour on the eyes so I have these in navy and khaki. It’s so easy to apply and smudge. I wear glasses all day and this liner stays put perfectly. The in-built sharpener is superb touch!

  2. I used the Violetta eye liner, but all of the eye liners have unique colours and none too crazy. It glides on super easy, and literally sharpens itself each time you put the lid back on. You never struggle with a sharpener or dull lines, and can go as thick or as thin as you like. The colour, texture and use makes this worthwhile, and easy to play around with for different styles.

  3. Lip liner is back and oh-so trendy! If you’re a newbie to lips, like me, you’re probably thinking that you can skip out on the lip liner and go straight to the lippies. But you’ll quickly learn how essential these babies are. Lip liners are vital for 3 main reasons: they extend the longevity, prevent feathering and enhances lip shape. The always sharp lip liner from Smashbox fulfills its promises of always being ready to line your lips with its nifty ‘twist the cap’ feature. That’s right, you need to twist the cap to open it, which ensures that the liner is at just the right level of sharpness before use. I got mine in the shade Fuchsia. Unlike previous liners that I have used, Smashbox’s offers a smooth glide, over the lip, highly pigmented and long lasting effect. I love using mine with bright, vibrant colours to create my own hues for well-defined, kissable lips.

  4. I love this liner! I would never have thought to use a green liner either but it really brings out the green in my brown eyes. I hate sharpening eyeliner pencils so the fact that it self sharpens is simply genius! It never goes blunt, which means perfect application every time. It contains a gorgeous shimmer that creates the 3D effect. It lasted all day without smudging or colour fading. It’s a liner you can wear with just mascara for a complete make up look!

  5. The BEST thing about the smash box eye liner is that it sharpens itself! Every time I open the cap the pencil is smooth and sharp. This incredible invention by smash box is simply delightful. I also like the fact that the eye liner is waterproof. One of my pet peeves is to have make up that wears off quickly or runs down my face making me look goth!

  6. I have been on a search for an eyeliner that has true wearing power, a liner that is highly pigmented and a liner that caters for sensitive eyes. I found that special liner when I purchased this amazing Smashbox winner. Yes, this liner really does deliver spectacular results and the fact that it comes with a built in sharpener is a bonus! Cleopatra eyes guaranteed with this!!!

  7. I have always liked eye liner pencils compared to the liquid. I must try this brand just to compare. The advertising looks great.

  8. Smashbox have such a great colour palette of liners that really lets me get creative with my looks. Their Waterproof liners last the long nights out but are so easy to remove with make-up remover. A truly terrific product!!

  9. Since I bought my first Smashbox product at the beginning of the year, the Under Eye Illuminator, I was so impressed I’ve added a few more of their products to my make up kit. They are out and out a superior brand in terms of uniqueness and always releasing cutting edge products. Love Smashbox!

  10. I have yet to try something from Smashbox that disappoints. They’re really not badly priced considering the great quality of their formulations. I also love the packaging. It’s all mostly practical and looks good too.

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