Smashbox Cream Eye Liner Palette

Ten beautiful metallic eyeliner shades in one compact palette.

Price: R320

Availability: Selected Woolworths stores

What we say:
I first received this product as a gift bought at Sephora in the UK. It was my first ever cream eyeliner palette and I was completely inexperienced in applying any form of liner that wasn’t in the shape of a pencil. It took a bit of practice, but once I got a steady grip, I really began to enjoy applying the product.

The creamy formulation glides on easily and there’s no need for multiple layers, as the colour is rich and true. It lasts extremely long, and I don’t even have to touch it up before after-work drinks. Plus, there is no running or smudging, so as long as you apply it neatly, you don’t have to worry about it looking messy a few hours later.

I’ve been using all the colours, and find the metallic onyx and copper shades work best for a daytime / neutral look, whilst the blue and green are great for a night out or lunch with the girls. I’ll definitely be re-purchasing once my palette is empty!

– Anien, BSA Content Editor


8 Responses

  1. It contains 10 creamy gel like shades and a little brush. I like more subdued classic shades but this was a great experiment… one that paid off. I’ve never owned metallic colours and I didn’t realise just how flattering they can be. I found that the colours do wear off by the afternoon to give you a muted stain of the original colour. It makes a great gift for a friend or someone special and there’s a colour for every mood or occasion.

  2. The colours look gorgeous and based on my very satisfactory experiences with all my Smashbox products, I would happily pay R320 for this palette!

  3. Some of the colours could be quite intimidating to apply since most of us are used to the “safer” and popular shades when it comes to liner, but I really do love this. The pigment is fantastic and goes on like a charm, it’s really fun to do this with very soft, natural eye shadow and a rich lipstick.

  4. I went and bought myself these colours. Little bit expensive but great to use. The colours are great and stay on very long. Does not fade and will try and get another palette of other colours.

  5. I love this. Smashbox is one of the best cosmetic brands I have used. They are more expensive than others but well worth the extra money. The colour you see in the palette is the actual colour that you will see on your eyes unlike others where I find the colour is totally different unless you dig half the shade out the palette. Will definitely be buying one of these from me to me for Christmas

  6. I would love to try this product as I am straggling to find the perfect eye liner.

  7. I got this as a gift from my mum when she came back from the states. Loved the product! I am very much into creamy colours because I find that they last longer and also leave a nice glowy kind of look. It is worth every cent and I’m glad to see that Smashbox is on our shelves now

  8. I have tried this before but in a trial pack. I actually really loved this product and loved the fact that it comes in a variety of colours. Really awesome to use and lasts too!

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