Smashbox Photo Finish More Than Primer Blemish Control

Banish blemishes! This perfecting primer treats breakouts, provides oil-free hydration and keeps skin clearer over time. Clinical testing showed women had clearer skin in just 2 weeks.

Price: R390

Availability: Smashbox counters at selected Woolworths stores nationwide.

What we say:
When it comes to my daily makeup routine, the most important product for me is a good quality primer. I have tested so many primers, yet I always go back to my trusted Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer.

I am lucky in that I seldom have really bad breakouts, but that being said I was still pretty excited to try out the new Photo Finish More Than Primer Blemish Control (why not add another to the long list tried!).

The newly launched primer has a gel like consistency and is slightly runnier than the original Photo Finish primer but it still blends into the skin like an absolute dream. During the warmer summer months my skin can get a tad oily during the course of the day. While the original primer keeps my foundation in place for the whole day, the new Blemish Control primer didn’t last quite as long and as a result I have to touch up with some translucent powder.

I cannot confirm if the ‘blemish control’ aspects of the primer will live up to their name, but I can certainly recommend this primer if you are looking for a medium hold primer that will smooth out your complexion providing the perfect canvas for foundation application. As this primer is breathable (it doesn’t clog your pores), I would recommend it to girls who have sensitive acne prone skin.

– Emily, BSA Community Manager



6 Responses

  1. I am a teen with dry skin, obviously the best solution when putting on foundation is a primer. I wanted to try out a new primer so I tried the Smashbox one. I loved this my foundation didn’t crease or cake and my face did not feel dry at all.

  2. I have the colour correcting version of this primer and I must admit when I saw the very green colour of Smashbox Photo Finish Colour Correcting Adjust I was quite sure it would turn my face a sickly shade of green :/ But it didn’t at all! It disappeared as soon as I applied it, and within seconds those horrible red marks that are the remains of a breakout.. were less red and less noticeable!
    It also created a perfect canvas for foundation, its silky smooth finish allows foundation to apply easily and smoothly. It also seemed to make my foundation last longer.
    It is expensive but if you have problems with redness of any kind on your face it is worth it and it will last a long time as a little goes a long way :)

  3. Its okay but not great. It helps makeup to last all day. It blends very well and makes foundation look flawless. Suitable for anyone with breakouts or acne prone skin. It diminishes dark spots and is suitable for oily skin. It is good for every day wear. The gel consistency glides on smoothly. One can wear it on it’s own to help hide pores.

  4. I’ve been searching all over for make-up products that will help fight blemishes. This is definitely making my list of make-up must-haves. It’s a bit pricey, though… so I’m hoping they’ll have samples for me to try out before I actually decide to buy the product. I have never tried smashbox before, but I have tried some of Woolworths’ other make-up products and I have not been disappointed.

  5. I just LOVE this brand. Their stuff is amazing. Ever since I discovered Smashbox, I have been loving their stuff. I have tried three of their primers already and I would recommend them to anyone. They are so incredible at readying your face for make-up application! 5 stars for Smashbox!!

  6. Ok, let me start of by saying I’m always on the lookout for oil control and anti blemish products so I would say I’m quite the expert in this department, This is quite a hydrating with the added bonus of salicylic to treat blemishes, however it’s your average primer with regards to makeup staying power I would give it 5stars if it had decent oil control properties as well as pore minimizing.

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