Sally Hansen Smooth and Perfect Hand Creme

A lightweight hand cream with oxygen concentrate that instantly hydrates, brightens and revitalises dull skin.

What we say:
My hands take immense strain, especially around the house. I find that dishwashing liquid and general purpose cleaner have to be some of the hardest household products on our hands; so anytime I can give my hands an extra bit of TLC – I do.

Sally Hanson’s Smooth and Perfect Hand Creme is the perfect treat for my tired and extremely dry hands! The lightweight formula is easily absorbed into the skin and smells fresh. The cream doesn’t leave a greasy film and after a couple uses I really did notice that my hands were looking younger.

I don’t agree with the 24-hour moisture promise, my hands felt dry quite soon after application and the roughness returned quite soon after application. But it is a lovely cream so I didn’t mind reapplying frequently.

The bonus of this product – it fits into my handbag with ease ☺
– Janice


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  1. Looking for a hand crème that will instantly hydrate and brighten your dull skin? Look no more, ladies! Sally Hansen Smooth & Perfect Hand Crème is the answer!

    This non greasy and lightweight formula, with Oxygen concentrate, will leave your hands moisturized and hydrated for up to 24 hours! No need to reapply or to wait for miracles! This hand crème works right away and has effective, long-lasting results. If you want visibly smoother and younger looking hands, this hand crème will be your best friend!

    Although I was satisfied with this hand crème, I do feel that it could have had a more pleasant smell. The fragrance was soft and bearable. However, it had a tinge of an oily smell. It also emanated a floral component that I wasn’t particularly fond of.

    Nonetheless, Sally Hansen Smooth & Perfect Hand Crème will rejuvenate your skin in a way you can really see and feel, and will love! I would recommend this hand crème to anybody that needs an ultimate moisture boost for their hands.

  2. I love hand creams, and i have one for every handbag. It looks like a perrfect size for handbags and for traveliing. Worth a try.

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