SOiL Ugandan Scented Shea Butter

The moisturising and skin smoothing effects of Shea butter are well documented. Soil Organic Aromatherapy decided to add some essential oils to their shea butter in order to expand the range and also add extra boosting effects to the butter. The two new butters in this blended range are Lavender and Citrus. Not only do the butters smell divine, the essential oils contain various healing properties that work with the butter to benefit your skin and overall health.

Size: 100ml
RS Price: R120 each



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  1. I’ve long been a SOil fan and just love their organic products . Recently I bought the SOil Ugandan Shea Butter . The scent and neat sized container was great.

    As someone with extremely sensitive skin , this product has worked wonders for me. I find it leaves my skin soft and well hydrated . It doesn’t leave the skin sticky or greasy and so far I’ve had no skin reactions what so ever.

    It’ has also helped my sister get rid of her cracked and dry lips. So I guess that plus !!

    I definitely will be purchasing this product in the future ! It’s honestly the best Organic Shea Butter I’ve used so far ❤️

  2. I recently joined the big chop club, all my naturals will understand and I’ve been looking for a product that is everything organic. I picked this baby up from Dischem and was slightly sceptical due to the scents but after a month using it, my hair has improved in texture. Although I’m not a big fan of the smell ( I am very fussy about scents) it did not put me off and the lavender scent was rather calming. I’m not too crazy about the price but let’s face it these organic/natural products are usually worth it. The texture wasn’t what I expected ( having used another type of shea butter) – it was creamier than I had expected.

    Packaging was a big factor in why I purchased the shea butter in the first place and so far I don’t regret my purchase.

  3. Great natural product for extremely dry skin

    This product was really a special experience, as I am aware of the soil brand (aromatherapy range). I am impressed with the range being a local one, organic and pure ingredients and overall ethos of the brand, with the bonus of my favourite essential oil which is lavender. I loved the simplistic packaging being very easy and minimalistic, and as per package environmentally friendly! Opening up the tub was definitely sheer bliss! The product inside, thick and creamy, gorgeously scented by nature.

    Being crazy about coconut oil I have found very few shortfalls in using it. So, after some brief reading on Shea butter, I decided to put my Soil Shea Butter to the test!

    My major problem with my skin is some small atopic areas on my body, and then some deep cracks on the heel of my foot.

    I used Soil Shea Butter instead of coconut oil on atopic areas with the following results. It absorbed well, was nice, rich and creamy. The result was that my skin felt soft, hydrated and moisturised, with the atopic skin more even and balanced.

    My experience from using the Soil Shea butter on my feet, in conjunction with combined foot care was also a positive one. I incorporated the product with a foot soak, exfoliating, and good quality heel file. The applied layer of the Shea Butter directly on my foot absorbed well and worn under socks overnight, my feet felt softened and moisturised, hence I found the product very effective.

    The product worked really well as a massage cream, as the lavender does aid calmness and relaxation. It worked effectively on my spouse, as well as my kids with sensitive skin, without any reactions to the product. What was great was that the concentration of aromatherapy oil in the Shea Butter was very balanced.

    I love the product itself, scent, quality ingredients, packaging! Lusting over my beautiful, soft, moisturized skin and crushing over trying some more of soil bath and body products as I first impressions was a really lasting one!

    The price seems a bit expensive for the volume of the Shea Butter compared to a good quality coconut oil, but definitely worthwhile for special areas, as it both complements and supplements the benefit of coconut oil. The effectiveness and inclusive quality lavender oil make the product value for money.

    I am a little disappointed that there are not many suppliers in my region, but the website was fairly easy to use with a fairly standard delivery policy.

    Great organic product for anyone, suitable for all ages, especially effective for dry skin of atopic skin conditions, safe for sensitive skin, and a definite indulgence!

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