Fino Soothe for Men

Designed by professional make-up artist Adrienne Cohen, Fino Soothe contains a synergistic blend of vitamin A and fruit enzyme. Together, these unique active ingredients exfoliate the skin, preventing the follicle from closing and trapping new growth beneath the skin’s surface. The new hair then emerges easily for exposure to the razor.

With this special blend of vitamin A and fruit enzyme, Fino Soothe helps to combat razor bumps and burn, and gently exfoliate purify, revitalize and moisture the skin. It also eases cuts as well as the irritation felt with new hair growth, calms red, tender skin and soothes inflammation while improving skin elasticity.

What we say:
‘Fino Soothe for Man, the post shave and wax balm, is gentle on the skin and doesn’t burn at all when you put it on, unlike some shaving balms can. I used it daily after a wet shave. It doesn’t dry out my skin or leave it feeling or looking oily either. The balm helps my skin feel nice and smooth as well as moisturised. And that feeling lasts all day. It creates an even skin tone, leaving the colour of the shaved area looking very similar to the rest of my face. I like that! It has a clean, fresh, light fragrance that doesn’t conflict with anything else I’m wearing, whether it is a deodorant or cologne.’
– Gregg

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19 Responses

  1. i should get this for my hubby , i get all the toiletries in the house, he might be chuffed with this

  2. I bought both the Fino soothe for man and women. My husband totally loves the Fino for man because it would rather use this than aftershave which is a huge deal for him.

  3. I’ve convinced my guy to give this a try since he always struggles with his beard and so far, he’s loving it. Really helps to soothe the skin and help minimise irritation. Since it’s also fragrance-free, I end up using it as well.

  4. Will buy this for my hubby and let him try it, the review says it all so it sounds like an amazing product

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