Sorbet Balancing Body Scrub

Sorbet Balancing Body Scrub

Work Balance. Life Balance. Scrub Balance. Wash Balance. When it comes to bath and body, you know we’ve got you covered with our all-in-one Sorbet Balancing range. This body scrub invigorates and restores.

Price: R40
Availability: Sorbet stores and selected Clicks stores.

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6 Responses

  1. While I am a big lover of body scrubs and Sorbet’s products, this product did not make me feel happy at all.

    There are just not enough scrubbing particles in this product to constitute it as a scrub.

    To me it was a body wash that smells great.

  2. I am a big lover of body scrubs, but was not particularly impressed with this product. It felt to me more like a body wash with an identity crisis.
    Let me explain a little better, this product does not contain a lot of scrubbing particles. While your skin feels clean and refreshed after use, it does not feel scrubbed at all.

  3. While I usually love Sorbet products I just didn’t feel that this scrub had enough grit to it, and therefore didn’t really do that great a job in exfoliating my skin.

  4. As I have not used too many Sorbet body products in the past, I was keen to give this body scrub a go. Unfortunately the smell of this scrub is not one that I would normally be drawn to. Rather than having the ‘spa’ smell I like, I find it smells too much like a male sporty body wash.

    The scrub itself has the makings of a goo scrub though – a good consistency without being too harsh on the skin.

    If it weren’t for the smell, I would definitely rate this body scrub higher. If you like a very fresh/manly scent, this body scrub would be perfect for you!

  5. I have used this body scrub and loved it so much that I bought it again when Clicks had their 3 for 2 promotion. It smells great (like you are at a spa) and skin feels super soft for days. Love it and the price!

  6. For only R40, this is one of the most affordable scrubs I have come across. I was a little bit disappointed with the consistency as I found that I didn’t really get a lot of microbeads on my loofah. I noticed that even in the tube the are sparsely spread. A couple of squeezes seemed to do the job though. The scent is pleasant, and reminds me of a couple of marine fragrances I have used. Not the best scrub I have ever used, but definitely worth the small price tag of R40!

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