Stay On Satin Original

Stay On Satin Original

Only Stay on Satin caps are made from our specially developed patent pending two sided satin material that is soft on the inside and satiny smooth on the outside. The soft side provides some gentle grip to keep the cap in place during the night and the smooth side prevents friction against your pillow from causing breakage and messing up your style.

Price: R54.99
Availability: From Style Studio Salons only. Check here for one near you.


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  1. Good morning,

    I would like to stock the satin caps for resale. I am in Middelburg, please tell me how much will stock price be and what should be the minimum quantity for my order.


  2. Satin caps are the reason my hair does not break and tangle when I sleep at night. I totally recommend this to weave-wearers and natural hair keepers. This is a total hair investment.

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Stay On Satin Never Dry

Stay On Satin Never Dry

Try Stay on Satin and see the difference in the morning.
Stay On Satin Anti-Breakage

Stay On Satin Anti-Breakage

Stay on Satin prevents breakage and saves your style better than ordinary satin caps.
Nuxe 300x600 1

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