The Body Shop Hemp Hand Protector


Our best-selling Hemp Hand Protector helps soften and protect hands. It is dermatologically tested for very dry skin and contains Community Trade hemp seed oil.

Price: R120
Availability: The Body Shop stores and selected Clicks stores.

What we say:
I bought this hand cream after a recommendation from a family member, and have loved using it. I like the thick consistency and the easy absorption. I love the off-green colour of the cream and I love that it comes in an aluminium-like tube. Whenever I use it my hands feel instantly hydrated, and after a couple of hours my skin turns to silk. My one and only complaint? The smell! I know this is a hemp product, the I find the scent of it a little off-putting. I use it mostly in the evening before I settle down for the night, as I find the scent is less noticeable to me then than it is during the day.
– Anien, BSA Content Editor


6 Responses

  1. After washing your hands for the 5th time that day (No I do not have OCD) the soap in the bathroom at work has stripped all the moisture in my hands away and I am left with dry, shrunk, shriveled winter equivalent hands (sounds attractive doesn’t it). I then came across the ultra-rich and moisturising Hemp hand Protector from The Body Shop! It has a non-greasy formulation (because nobody likes to feel like they have just washed a butter laden baking tray – grease for days on my hands). It’s not my favourite scent (I prefer fruity or floral) but the moisture, oh the moisture and the look and feel of your hands is so worth it! It comes in 100ml metal tube (great for your handbag) not so sure on the recycling aspect though? But it gets a moisturised thumbs up from me you have to try it.

  2. I love this hand cream so much! My hands get very dry after coming in contact with water and this does the job of making everything alright again.

    I do find it to be a tad bit on the greasier side so I use it right before I go to bed and take time working it into my skin. I then just rub the excess off onto my arms. It leaves my skin feeling super hydrated and keeps my cuticles looking great as well.

    I’m barely 20% into the tube and I’ve already had this for over 3 months. It’s such a fantastic product!

  3. This product has unique packaging & a great look. It leaves skin feeling deeply nourished, moisturized and healthy!

  4. This is a very nice hand lotion for dry hands. Because of its fabrication, it doesn’t smell as nice as perfumed lotions, but because it is so effective one can forgive that. It looks strange, and feels a bit sticky as well, so it’s best to use at night before bed and rather use a lighter lotion during the day.

  5. It laps up the dryness, I absolutely love it for Winter. My hands regain their youth when I use this product.

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