Theravine Purifying Herbal Mask

Theravine Purifying Herbal Mask

A non-drying, creamy clay mask, which thoroughly cleans and removes dirt from pores and leaves the skin looking soft, radiant and firm. Its rich texture does not dry the skin.
This deep-cleansing, non-drying creamy clay mask contains natural clays, minerals and therapeutic essential oils to help increase cell turnover by 10%. Ideal for the T-zone, this mask thoroughly cleanses and lifts surface impurities, effectively addressing congestion while providing sufficient moisture to prevent skin dehydration leaving a soft, refined and radiant looking skin.

Price: R313
Size: 50ml
Availability: Selected spa’s and salons – (stockists)


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  1. I found the mask left my skin feeling soft and smooth. Purifies and firms while not drying the skin out. Cleansing & removing dirt from the pores, preventing blemishes and providing instant radiance and leaves skin smooth & soft. It did just that.
    Smooth & creamy with an easy application. Very happy with this.
    – Nicky

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