Lancôme Visionnaire Advanced Skin Corrector

This slim bottle of blue futuristic-looking fabulousness came full of promises to ‘re-create a very beautiful skin that looks smoother, firmer and more even.’

What we say:
‘Imagine my delight when a bottle of Lancôme Visionnaire Advanced Skin Corrector landed on my desk. This slim bottle of blue futuristic-looking fabulousness came full of promises to “re-create a very beautiful skin that looks smoother, firmer and more even”. It asked me if I was ‘tempted by a dermatological treatment but not quite ready’. Very clever marketing, don’t you think? Apparently, it owes its ‘power’ to LR 2412, a molecule designed to “trigger a series of micro-transformations that enhance the skin’s natural self-renewal process”. Whatever. All I know is the bottle is stunning and it goes on smooth and light, giving my skin that sort of soft-focus blur that is so helpful for women with less-than-perfect skin. It is highly fragranced – which I like in my products, but it might bother some women – especially if you don’t like the smell. But I love it, and have found over the few weeks I have been using it that certainly my skin – especially on my décolletage – is looking noticeably more refined and smooth. It claims to make pores look tightened too but I can’t say I have noticed that.

‘While I am not convinced it is living up to all its claims (‘wrinkles and skin imperfections appear reduced, pores look tightened, and complexion more even’) my complexion is definitely smoother and less imperfect. So yay for LR 2412!’
Irene Stewart

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8 Responses

  1. I’m honestly double minded about this product. When I first started using this I did notice my skin was brighter, it feels nice and sinks in leaving a temporary glow and a refreshed feeling, but it doesn’t improve or change the skin in any way over time, for me I felt it just has a blurring effect on your skin( could be due to the Mica which provides light reflecting particles to even out the skin tone ) so it feels kinda like a bb or cc cream but with my age I need something more permanent, still a good product though.

  2. From the first day I used it, my skin had the velvet feel to it and the smell was amazing. I couldn’t wait to get home after work so I could wash my face and put on this wonderful product – the Lancôme Visionnaire Advanced Skin Corrector. This is expensive but worth a try, I give this product a thumbs up 100%.

    A week passed by and my skin tone got lighter. I even noticed that my dark marks were getting lighter so much that I could not believe how effective it was. It gave me confidence to express myself naturally without any make-up. It’s been 4 weeks now and the results are amazing! I feel good, I look good with a healthier glowing skin, and I am a happy insider. :)

  3. My journey began with a very high expectation coupled with excitement…
    This high-end serum got my office talking (men included) as I went around demonstrating a miracle in a midnight blue bottle.

    Lancôme has sold to us a dream in a bottle, claiming that this heavily advertised serum is “more than a wrinkle corrector” as it aims to address concerns of large pores, marks, and uneven skin tone. The claims are enticing and made me curious. With a skin that needed a miracle, I dedicated a month committed to its daily use.

    When I first applied this product, I thought my skin looked great! Even when I woke up the next day, I thought my skin looked clearer and more luminous. However, I wanted to see the unevenness gone more than I wanted to see just “great” skin. It works like a primer because it smooths over the skin (it must be the silicone in it) and includes mica, which illuminates skin.

    This has a silky texture, just like most serums, and of course has a slight fragrance – I like that.

    Target Areas:
    – Forehead and around the mouth > uneven tone
    – Cheeks > large pores

    – Silky texture makes skin look smooth, while the mica adds subtle radiance (even though shine is not skincare)
    – Effectively moisturizes thus no need to supplement with a moisturizer
    – Lighter skin tone
    – Smaller pores.

    – Expensive
    – It took a while to see impressive results.

  4. I was lucky to be one of the ladies chosen to review this product and I must say that it does deliver. I saw immediate results after a week, my skin became softer and had a velvet feel to it. My skin tone and dark spots became lighter as the weeks progressed. It’s pricey but worth it.

  5. I used this product in February and I must say that it does deliver as promised. It’s pricey but worth every penny. I give it two thumbs up. My skin tone became lighter and my skin felt like velvet. It smells nice and it is easily absorbed into skin. I love it!

  6. Let me start with the packaging. The silver box and the turquoise bottle is so elegant that it could easily be mistaken for a perfume bottle.

    My ritual is to wash my face with a cleanser + facial cleansing brush, then I pat my face dry with a damp face cloth. The minute I squirted the fluid onto the back of my palm, I was blown away by the nice scent. I don’t usually use perfumed serums/moisturizers because of my eye allergies, but the fluid did not leave me with teary eyes, a plus in my books. The fluid immediately penetrated the skin quickly and nourished the skin. My skin was immediately silky smooth and not oily at all.

    The fluid is very light, non-greasy and leaves the skin smooth and nourished! After a weeks my skin tone was greatly improved!!!

    The fluid is a bit pricey but worth a buy…I give it a 10/10 rating!

  7. Since using the Lancôme Visionnaire over the past 8 weeks, I’ve noticed a distinct difference in my mature skin tone especially regarding the diminishing of pores around the t-zone. Interestingly Visionnaire was developed to target specific problems areas as opposed to age specific skin so although I have mature skin, I still have enlarged pores due to a combination skin. The reduction in enlarged pores on my skin is about 70%, this despite the extreme heat and humidity we are experiencing on the coast. I use it in conjunction with the Genefique Youth Activating Concentrate which is another Lancôme wonder product. Expensive but well worth the results if enlarged pores and uneven skin tone is your concern

  8. I tried this product. It left my skin feeling soft, smooth and subtle. amazing!

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