Yardley Illuminating Primer

Yardley Illuminating Primer

This lightweight primer reduces the appearance of fine lines and helps extend foundation wear.

Price: R99.99
Availability: Selected retailers and pharmacies.


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  1. I tried this primer because I really love Yardley products, but this one really disappointed me. Initially it went on ok, but I couldn’t get my foundation to go on smoothly over. This is not ideal, because it’s a PRIMER. What really got me though was when I looked in the mirror the next day, and had quite a few breakouts. Only used it once and won’t use it again. Money wasted… :(

  2. I was new to primers and read great reviews on this product so I tried it out. I was very impressed with how long my foundation stayed on with this primer. It is cost effective and has 30ml of product. I have used it numerous times and my foundation applies really smoothly with it and last a number of hours longer than usual. The packaging is really simplistic which is really pretty. Has no real smell but applies really easily and dries quickly. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who wants a smoother foundation application and wants their make up to last longer while looking like it was just applied.

  3. This is probably the best primer I have used to date. My skin tends to look dull especially during cold weather and this product has been a lifesaver during the cold months.
    It has a white, thick consistency that smells to me like old school Yardley. You only need to apply a pea sized amount of product to your face evenly and then you are all set to paint the canvas.
    Some primers tend to leave my skin feeling sweaty after I applied foundation, but this primer does not do that.
    I can see a visible difference on my face on the days that I use this primer. My skin looks vibrant and young and has that little youthful glow that I am always coveting.
    I already wear longlasting foundation, so I can not really vouch for the longevity of it under a foundation.
    What I can well say is that my skin looks properly finished and a little airbrushed when using this primer.
    I have stopped using all my other primers and is focusing on this one more as it is just a joy to use!

  4. I don’t normally wear primer but was quite keen to try this one out as it promised to “reduce the appearance of fine lines while extending foundation wear”.

    I wasn’t sure what to expect but I used a small amount before applying my foundation and the primer went on very smoothly creating a light-weight matte like finish on my skin. I wondered if this would leave my skin feeling dry but my skin actually felt moisturised.

    I definitely felt that my foundation lasted longer through the day and I found I didn’t get that mid-day shiny nose. I have noticed a small difference with the appearance of the fine lines around my eyes in the last few weeks – they are not as visible, which am really happy with.

    I will definitely be purchasing this product again!

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