If you really want to make a statement, if you’re not afraid of a pop of colour, if you’re looking for a lip colour that not only looks amazing, but is super hydrating, I would recommend this colour lip balm from Rimmel.

With it’s vibrant bright pink colour accompanied by a creamy vanilla scent packaged in a convenient and cute twistable tube, it’s simply impossible not to love this product. It glides on with ease and keeps your lips moisturised from the get go – something hard to find with most lip colours.

I would recommend this lip colour and lip balm-in-one to anyone looking for radiant, long-lasting colour and nourishment. This product doesn’t compromise one for the other. It has the best of both worlds.

The colour though is more of a summery shade, so I wouldn’t suggest it be worn any other time of year, unless you really want to stand out, which is of course not a bad thing. I would definitely wear it all year round. A little bit of edge never hurt anyone, right?