SpaRitual’s Cuti-Cocktail Nail & Cuticle Oil comes in a 15ml honey shaped pot with a lid dropper to distribute the oil. The oil is light gold in colour and has a very pleasant and almost fruity- like smell to it that is calming when used at night. The product claims to go deep within the nail to condition it and help it grow. The oil must be reapplied daily for 10 days. The product really goes a long way as you only need a few drops per hand/ 5 nails. I liked that the oil is a fast-absorbing oil, which means it’s actually targeting the nail and cuticle area on my hands and not staying on the surface of my skin. This cuticle oil is great for my brittle and weak nails, as I use bite my nails (I know, it’s a terrible habit). My nails have become very soft and brittle due to this. After using the SpaRitual Nail & Cuticle Oil, I could see after 10 days that my nails are slowly repairing itself. I think that for the size you getting the price is reasonable. I will continue to use the SpaRitual Nail & Cuticle Oil.