I have never used Elemis before, but I’ve always known them as a premium luxury brand, which makes its way onto most “must-have lists”.

When I received the body cream, my first impression of the packaging is that it is simple and practical, but quite pretty because of the deep red.

I love products that have security foil seals, meaning that you never open up a brand new product, only for it to spill out because of the air pressure. It also means that you’re guaranteed the product has not been tampered with for hygiene purposes.

The cream is more like a lotion- it’s light and sinks into my skin really quickly. As far as hydration is concerned, it does a similar job as the Nivea body lotion for normal to dry skin.

The scent is incredible and smells like you’re laying in a garden full of frangipanis. I wore this in the evening and could still pick up a slight scent in the morning. The only downside to this is that it would interfere with my perfume, so I only applied the cream on my lower body in the mornings.

I see this particular product as a non-essential, but a luxury, which I’m happy to spoil myself with once a week.