Two years ago, I dyed my dark brown, almost black hair, a copper colour. I dyed it with box dye, and after doing it for a year, it really fried my hair. My hair started to look awful, as dying it that many shades lighter, is not good for hair in the long-run.

Desperate for something to help my hair, I bought this vial of argan oil. Don’t be mislead by how small the container is, this product lasted me a number of months. You only have to apply a coin size in your hands, rub them together (as the heat of your hands helps activate the product) and then rub it into your hair, focusing on the ends and avoiding the roots.

This worked so well to help my hair retain moisture, so it didn’t look crazy. It also helps before straightening your hair or blow-drying, as it protects the hair against the heat.

Highly recommend.