If you haven’t tried Essence nail polish yet, I’d suggest you get in your car immediately and drive to a Dis-chem or Clicks near you. You can also log onto Takealot and order this beauty online.

I have a bit of a nail polish fetish. I’m always doing nail art and playing around with colours (and buying new ones every time I’m in a store that sells Essence nail polish). I have built up a collection of 485 bottles of beautiful colours – although they are not all the Essence brand, Essence has got to be right up there with Essi and OPI. Essence nail polish dries quick allowing you to play around with nail art without the long drying period and the risk of smudging your master piece, and it always leave a beautiful finish once dry.

I ABSOLUTELY love how the end of the brushes are shaped. It fits perfectly on your nail and makes it so easy to get right up to the bed without messing nail polish on your skin or leaving a huge gap unpainted!! A MUST HAVE in my life.