I love the sweet pink color of this lip tint, the packaging itself is so bright with a gold beautiful design. It’s 12ml of a roll up & down lip tint/ balm. Portable & light

I bought this little precious friend of mine a long time ago at Clicks on sale for R20.00 I am not sure of its original price though. It’s a sweet kiss color – lip tint & balm.
I am so loving it it’s as sweet like it’s name ‘sweet kiss’. I love the fact that it has jojoba & seed oil to name a few of ingredients. The smell is is like a mint gum & has a minty feel just after I’ve applied it I can just feel it on my lips. A feeling of freshness right there.

I like the color it gives on my lips, so moist & not sticky. It’s my 1st Accessorize product & would love to try more from this brand as I have seen some beautiful eye shadows & other products.
I do not regret buying it & will still buy it often because it was worth a try.