There are so many nail polish brands available out there and each claims to be the next best thing. Well, I think I might have found it for real. These nail polishes are stunning! I have a few but my favourite is their golden glitter polish. It is packed with glitter so no more patchy glitter work. I can get all my nails to have the same finish. It lasts forever. Up tp the point where it is almost difficult to remove the glitter. Their colour ranges are excellent with literally the trendiest colours to go around for every mood. From Neon’s to metallic! They are very affordable and you get so much product in this container. It is larger than all my other brands’. The application brush glides on easily and the colour is opaque. I have noticed with SOME of the milky colours that 2 or 3 coats are needed for a fully opaque finish but I don’t mind. The colour lasts well and have not stained my nails as of yet. This brand truly gets me excited to do my nails. I feel like a kid in a candy store! A MUST buy in my opinion.