I have been wanting to try a primer for months now, but have never really found one that caught my eye quite like Optiphi’s Set the Canvas. I have found that no matter which foundation I use, it never really lasts a full day, often looks crumby by midday and NEVER looks as flawlessly smooth as shown in pictures. I admit that I have tried other methods of getting this finished look like moisturising before applying foundation, using powders, etc. But no great successes yet!

I love the simplicity of the packaging of Optiphi’s products, it gives you a feeling of luxury and cleanliness – perfect for a skincare range! The first thing I noticed was the scent which was a mild and pleasant smell, not chemical at all. I applied it over my moisturiser, as instructed and was impressed to feel how they weren’t lying when they said it was a silky texture. To be very honest, I have never felt something quite like this. It is amazing to feel how your skin transforms from dewy (from moisturiser) to satin smooth.

This created the perfect “canvas” to apply foundation and I already noticed how much smoother it applied, and that I didn’t require as much, as the foundation spread more easily and evenly. I liked that the primer removed the shine from my t-zone, and how my make up looked professionally done, on the daily basis. Now, the best part, for me, was the fact that for the first time – since the beginning of ever wearing makeup – my foundation lasts a full day! That’s right, it doesn’t smudge, crumb or fade throughout the day. Instead, my foundation stays looking fresh throughout the day, proving why Optiphi has won several awards for their range of products.