Fruity, floral and spicy, Aura by Swarovski is more than just a pretty fragrance in a pretty bottle. This all rounder, luminescent and romantic smelling fragrance defines the aura of love.

With fruity notes of litchi and floral notes of pure white tuberose which combine with a spicy ray of pink pepper, amber, benzoin and white musk, this fragrance captures nothing but pure sensuality and majestic femininity.

Although I’m not one for floral smells, I fell in love with the smell of this fragrance instantly. I think this was because, even though this fragrance has intense floral notes, it’s more than just that. It’s floral with a difference. It’s definitely fresh and new, and something like I’ve never smelled before.

At times I did find the fragrance to be very overwhelming and potent, so I don’t think it should be worn every day. I suggest that it should only be worn on special occasions. But because it is as strong and not to mention long-wearing, you definitely get the most out of this fragrance as well as your money’s worth.

Aura by Swarovski is perfect for modern day, sophisticated women and for anyone that loves a good, clean, flowery scent.