This product commonly mistaken to be Australian is was actually founded by an American, Tom Redmond. According to the brand website the founder discovered amazing Australian ingredients and the brand was born.

At first glance the packaging is practical. The design of the dispenser is innovative. You only need one hand to operate it. In the bath or shower this is an effective design. But that was where my hopes and dreams for this brand ended.

This product did not work for me at all.

The product does not have enough slip. It is not a good combing conditioner or treatment. My hair instantly felt crispy and totally unhappy. When I rinsed it off it was very tangled.

I have a big mane of tightly coiled curls 3B/C natural hair. My hair can get very frizzy and when I don’t have the right product and process in place I end up with a big ball of fuzz. I prefer wearing my hair in a natural afro and curl definition is thus important. I just could not make this product work no matter what I tried.

It is marketed as a smoothing taming hair treatment that will restore and tame unruly hair. When I first tried and failed I thought ok give it another go. Maybe just maybe you need to give the product time to work. By the time I had gone through the range of products I was more frustrated by the fact that I second guessed myself instead of just giving up after the first failed attempt.

The consistency of the product appeared to be thicker than normal which should be a good thing but it wasn’t. Once applied it felt like the product had disappeared. It did not do a good job of coating my hair. Detangling my hair was an absolute nightmare on this product.

I tried it four times and finally gave up. I was so disappointed by this product that I recall it was not a typical cream consistency. It felt like petroleum jelly that turned into water and disappeared.

Aussie Moist turned into Aussie noise.

No Love Naturally for this one
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